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Jira Software is a popular project management software geared towards software development projects. However, it can also support other project types.

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Jira Software Review

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Best for: Software Development Projects

Strengths Supports Scrum for running Agile sprints
Strengths Supports Kanban boards for real-time workflow visualization
Strengths Easy and efficient bug locating, tracking, and recording
Strengths Excellent safety and security features
Weaknesses May not be user-friendly for beginners and non-developers
Weaknesses Lacks support for Gantt chat or other timeline views
Weaknesses Limited support for users who need outside collaboration

In recent years, more teams have recognized the value of project management software. With it, they can address challenges in progress, resources, communication, and collaboration. 

A study shows that 77% of high-performing teams use excellent project management software. If you're interested in using one, there are plenty of options—and Jira Software is one of them.

Jira Software is a popular project management software geared towards software development projects. However, it can also support other project types. 

To help you decide if this software is worth using, continue reading for our in-depth Jira Software review

Is Jira Software Worth It? 

Jira Software is worth it if you need a tool to manage software development projects. In general, it's one of the most affordable tools you can find for project management. 

While it's best for software development, you can use it for other project types. Here are some of the reasons that make Jira Software worth it:


Jira Software offers excellent flexibility with its customizable templates that already have workflows and custom fields. Moreover, you can modify the templates even after adding data.


Jira Software's accessibility is efficient since it offers changeable user roles and permits. This feature provides guests and clients access to specific projects or issues. In short, you can control which person sees which task, project, or issue.


Jira Software offers a forever-free plan filled with essential project management functions. If you're willing to shell out some cash, you can enjoy more features with the paid plans.

Ease of Use

Jira Software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface for developers. For non-technical users, you'll need time to familiarize yourself with this tool.

The tool's interface is worth learning due to its Agile approach to project management. Moreover, this tool has enough templates to accommodate any project type you have.


Jira Software lets you create and customize roles and permissions for security. This way, you can only allow people from trusted networks to access your tasks and projects.

Also, Jira Software encrypts all data that moves and stays with AES-256. It also complies with GDPR, SOC 2 and 3, ISO/IEC 27001 and 27018, and PCI/DSS.

For extra security and compliance, there's Atlassian Access. This subscription includes SSO, SCUM, and Active Directory sync. It's already included if you have the Enterprise Plan.

Jira Software Pros and Cons

Like other project management tools, Jira Software has benefits and downsides. Here's what you can expect when using it:


  • Supports Scrum for running Agile sprints
  • Supports Kanban boards for real-time workflow visualization
  • Easy and efficient bug locating, tracking, and recording
  • Excellent safety and security features


  • May not be user-friendly for beginners and non-developers
  • Lacks support for Gantt chat or other timeline views
  • Limited support for users who need outside collaboration

One of Jira Software's many advantages is its Scrum and Kanban support. These two are among the best boards designed to track projects. 

Scrum is ideal for setting deadlines and tracking progress based on those deadlines. On the other hand, Kanban is for getting a better visual of your projects and tasks.

Whether you prefer Kanban or Scrum, Jira Software supports both—which means one less worry for you.

While it is intuitive for developers, the case might be different for non-technical users. As a tool rooted in software development, most labels and terms in Jira Software need to be more technical. 

This results in non-developer users needing more time to familiarize themselves with the interface. Moreover, it needs more basic features like budgeting and invoicing.

Jira Software Features

Jira Software's core features originate from its role as a software development management solution. If your projects use Agile, you'll enjoy what Jira Software offers. 

Kanban and Scrum Support

One of the core features of Jira Software is its support for efficient and typical agile boards like Kanban or Scrum. If you wonder why Jira Software is used for Agile, this tool’s design gears toward this method of completing tasks.

These boards break large and complex projects into smaller, more manageable ones. If you're not using either of the two, Jira Software might not be that helpful for you.

Nonetheless, Jira Software boasts many features focusing on information technology and project tracking.

Free project tracking software

Jira Software's free plan already includes basic software for project tracking. This means that you can do these basic tasks without paying.

It's an ideal option for small projects that use Agile tools. Of course, the free plan has a limit of 10 users, but most simple tasks have fewer users.

Backlog Availability

You can list issues with a backlog and then work on them in Scrum. You can also assign scrum issues in variations. For instance, you can set points for bug-tracking and other tasks.

Interactive Timeline

An interactive timeline is helpful for many software tasks like work mapping, dependencies, and software releases. With timelines, Jira Software helps its users keep teams and stakeholders on the same page.

These timelines are available in the free and standard plans. If you want advanced ones, you can have them with premium and enterprise plans. 

Time-tracking Tool

A time-tracking tool is an extra feature in Jira Software that is free. It's optional for some projects but valuable for personal use and time management.

Role Assignment

If you're willing to pay for Jira Software's standard plan, you can enjoy more features like role assignment. With this feature, you can control every user's access. You can also assign tasks exclusive to some users.

The standard plan already has a security log, which means you can see members who access a task or program.

File Storage Inclusions

Jira Software's free and standard plans have limited storage. However, you can enjoy unlimited storage with premium and enterprise plans.

It may mean little for project management. However, it's better than other cloud storage options you'll find.

Customizable workflows

Jira Software offers customizable workflows for better flexibility. Since it maps any work type, it's an ideal tool for company and team-managed projects.

App Extensions and Integrations

All plans of Jira Software include the feature to extend its power to over 3000 apps and integrations. Thus, you can enjoy seamless work using other apps with a project management tool.

Workflow automation

With Jira Software's workflow automation, users can focus on essential work. This feature allows developers to focus on code since Jira Software shows deployment status.

It also offers repositories that allow you to include an issue key in a branch name, commit, or PR. This will update on its own through Jira Software.

Users can also create and view branches, as well as take requests and commits. These things can all happen within Jira Software's development panel.

Jira Software Pricing 

Jira Software offers cheap and transparent pricing in its paid plans. However, the price can suddenly jump for large teams. The monthly plans can get expensive if your team has over 100 users.

There are no discounts for small teams, light tasks, or personal use. However, Jira Software has a free plan that lets you enjoy the management tool without paying anything.

Jira Software offers four plans: Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Each one has a reasonable price for its inclusions. The details are also transparent, and users can understand what's included.

Free Plan


Jira Software's free plan is excellent. It is perfect for small groups and light projects. At no cost, you can enjoy the following features: Up to 10 users Unlimited boards Reports and insights Basic Timelines Backlog 2GB of storage Customer Support (only community support)

Standard Plan

Starts at $7.75/user per month

Everything from the Free Plan plus the following: Up to 35,000 users User roles and permissions Audit logs Data residency 250 GB of storage Business hour support

Premium Plan

Starts at $15.25/user per month

Everything from the Standard Plan plus the following: Advanced Timelines Sandbox and release tracks Project archiving Guaranteed uptime SLA Unlimited storage 24/7 Premium support

Enterprise Plan

For discussion with Jira Software’s Support

Everything from the Premium Plan plus the following: Unlimited sites Centralized security controls Centralized user subscriptions 24/7 Enterprise support

The inclusions in free and standard plans have complete functions already. Only advanced tasks and features come with the premium plans.

Other competitors exclude regular functions from free and affordable plans. As a result, users have to pay more to get access. 

It's ideal for free and standard plans to have the essential functions without paying a lot.

Jira Software vs. Competitors

The table below shows a comparison to some of Jira Software's competitors as a project management tool. Look at each aspect to see how Jira Software differs from other competitors.

Jira Software has a high rating based on reviews made by its clients. While not the highest, it remains one of the most highly rated for project management.

Another advantage of Jira Software is that it has one of the most affordable paid plans. The free plans of this tool also allow more users than the rest.

When it comes to features, Jira Software supports and allows most of them. Whether you use Jira Software for free or for a fee, you can enjoy excellent customer service at any time.


Overall, Jira Software is the best project management software for IT teams. With the paid plans, you can enjoy premium features for better project management. 

Jira Software can be complex for non-technical people. However, if you're willing to learn this tool, you can use it to adopt an Agile approach to completing your tasks.

You can enjoy this tool for free with simple project management and a small team. It's an excellent start, and you can upgrade to the paid plan if you expand.In an honest Jira Software review, you’ll find better options depending on your needs. Nonetheless, its free and affordable plans are worth considering, unlike other options.


Does Microsoft own Jira Software?

No, Microsoft does not own Jira Software. Instead, it's a custom issue-tracking product designed and developed by Atlassian. This Atlassian product can track bugs and allow smooth, agile project management.

Does Jira Software use SQL?

Jira Software supports Azure SQL in the Jira Server and Jira Data Center.

Is JIRA also good for personal use?

Jira Software seems overwhelming for personal use. However, it's an efficient solution for personal use, like task tracking. Jira Software's free plan can help users get work done as a tracking solution.

What programming language is used in Jira Software?

Jira Software uses Java as its programming language. It also uses the Pico container, WebWork 1, and Apache OFBiz.


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