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If you’re looking for a solution to help you form healthy habits, then WildFit is for you. It fuses behavioral adjustment psychology and nutritional information to help you make long-lasting changes. I read tons of WildFit reviews and also tested it out to help you make the right choice!



Total training hours


Challenge duration

90 days

Special food requirement


Bonus videos


Trial period

15 days

Money-back guarantee


Lifetime access



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Minimum Price $899

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Visit Website

Best for: Forming long-term healthy habits.

Strengths Allows installment payments
Strengths Active Facebook community
Strengths No calorie tracking
Weaknesses Pricey
Weaknesses Repetition throughout the videos
Weaknesses Takes 90 days

What Is WildFit?

WildFit is a three-month program available at Mindvalley. It's designed to give you food freedom. It helps you understand why you make certain food choices and their effects on your body. 

In addition, it focuses on helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle, both in the short and long run. If you hate counting calories or working out, this is the ideal program for you.

Although it’s not a weight loss program, shedding pounds for a better waist-hip ratio is one of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

That’s not all.

Like Superbrain, it can help with your mental focus. Likewise, it gives you renewed energy, younger-looking skin, better sleep, and relief from respiratory issues like asthma.

Who Is Eric Edmeades?

Eric Edmeades is an entrepreneur who has dabbled in film production, wireless networking, military research, and business coaching in the past. Similarly, he is a world-renowned speaker who has rubbed shoulders with big shots like former President Bill Clinton, Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Richard Branson, and John Gray.

Today, he’s a leading behavioral change coach and the popular WildFit health program founder. Likewise, he runs retreats such as See You at The Top and WildFest.

How Does WildFit Work?

WildFit works by undoing the damage that the food industry has done for years. Genuinely speaking, it has turned food into an addictive substance for profit. That happens not only during processing/preparation but also in marketing and lobbying for it.

These companies use refined sugar to process their foods, then strip them of any nutritional value. But, that increases cravings, so you keep eating more. And with it, the profits skyrocket.

WildFit helps us understand the emotional connection we all have to certain foods and how we feel before and after eating them. What I loved most about this program is that he was brutally honest right from the start. Most health coaches paint a rosy picture about how to do ABC to achieve your goals.

They never tell you about the challenges you might encounter on the way, and this is why most people give up halfway. He cautions you about the cravings, skin breakouts, or loss of energy in the beginning.

When trying out this solution for this WildFit review, I encountered some difficult times. However, had I not been ready for them mentally, I would probably not have finished the program.

So, let’s dig more into what to expect. 

Learning About Your Body’s Needs

In a 2020 poll, researchers found that the average person tries 120+ fad diets throughout their life. That’s about two per year on average.

They’re so popular because they give quick results. However, the problem is that the gains are often short-lived, and countless studies prove this.

This program focuses on teaching you how to be in control to transform your relationship with food. With it, you start to understand the science behind different foods. That way, you will be able to evaluate what you eat and whether it’s beneficial to your body.

Before anything begins, Edmeades asks you to take your measurements and record them in a downloadable guide. This is an important benchmark to help you allow you to see how far you’ve come. The document includes current weight, body mass index, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, waist, and more.

Another thing that the 90 days challenge diet instructor will ask you to do at the beginning is to maintain the same diet you’ve been on for about a week. It seemed rather odd, but he explained that this is to avoid forming boomerang habits that are often short-lived.

But he asks for two changes only during the first week, and here they are:

  • Drinking water daily
  • Breathing (5-5-5-5) twice per day
Daily 5-5-5-5 Breathing Exercises

Breathing is an essential part of transforming your life. Research shows that it provides immediate relief from stress. In addition, there’s a link between the development of lifestyle diseases like obesity and stress.

That’s not all.

In a UK study, researchers found that breathing exercises can be helpful in the management of respiratory symptoms like asthma.

WildFit has a technique for breathing that will be effective in putting you in a better state of health. Through a bonus video, the course instructor carries out a practical exercise of the process by explaining the 5-5-5-5 technique in detail.

Drink Water Every Day

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the human body is about 60% water. Therefore, daily water intake is paramount for carrying out vital bodily functions like metabolism, cell hydration, nutrient transportation, and waste removal.

Shockingly, 80% of the American population rarely drinks enough water.

While experimenting with the program to write this WildFit review, I realized that the trainer not only asks you to drink water, but he also shares a few tips such as:

  • Types of water and which one’s at the top of the hierarchy
  • The quantity of water to drink depending on your body mass
  • The best times to drink water
Practical Exercises

The trainer also gives practical exercises from time to time. For instance, he asks you to evaluate the emotional connection they have with food.

  • Your favorite meal/snack
  • How you feel after eating it
Eating Depending on the WildFit Season

The program defines different seasons to match with the natural human eating habits. For example, certain foods are better in spring, while winter is perfect for fasting. Especially since your body has a natural cycle that matches the seasons, it’s better to work with it.

Learning the Meanings of Different Foods

People often overindulge during holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Mindvalley WildFit explains how certain habits and rules may affect your journey towards a healthier life.

In addition, he sheds light on how some advertisers play with our emotions. For example, they get us to associate with some unhealthy foods and snacks during special occasions—case in point, the Coca-Cola advert with Santa Claus.

Rules and Emotional Attachments

We’ve all done this at some point.

Creating rules that allow us to cheat as a reward for religiously following a diet.

When going through different WildFit reviews, I realized everyone reported being in the best shape and no longer getting cravings for bad foods.

One of the reasons why this course is so practical is because the instructor advises people against cheat meals/days. He argues that they might work against what you’re trying to achieve in the long run.

Most people believe that it boosts their metabolism, but dieticians and mindful eating experts agree with WildFit.

Other attachments to unhealthy foods could be from your childhood. For instance, your parents might have rewarded you with ice cream or cookies when you were younger, say for passing an exam or good behavior.

Different Types of Hunger

The coach explains the different types of hunger and that you don’t always have to eat to satisfy each. Sometimes dehydration could make your stomach feel empty, and all you need to do to feel fuller is drink water.

Personal Coaches

Sometimes you may need extra support. Or perhaps you might prefer in-person training.

Additionally, WildFit recipes sometimes have animal protein, which can be a challenge for vegans or people with allergies. The certified instructors can recommend plant-based alternatives to give you suitable nutrients from an expert's perspective.

You can search your ideal choice using criteria like their availability based on dates for upcoming classes, location, language, or names.

Allowing the Natural Human Diet to Take Control

This part is all about making minor changes to your diet for better and long-lasting results.

From time to time, WildFit will ask you to make changes to your diet. In other words, you can increase the quality, quantity, and variety of the fruits and vegetables you eat. The course offers a buffer zone for amendments. That means that you can make any changes immediately or wait for a few days.

Likewise, there are some delicious WildFit recipes that you can try as part of the program. Here are some of the categories:

  • Akalgizer: WildFit’s cornerstone smoothie and is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. It starts from the second week and contains jalapenos, bone broth, cucumber, fennel, and other ingredients.
  • Chicken dishes: Chicken has tons of health benefits. However, deep-fried chicken may end up doing more harm than good compared to curried, grilled, or steamed options. Luckily, this program has tons of recipes to help you prepare finger-licking and healthy meals.
  • Comforting recipes: Many WildFit reviews showed how much people enjoyed eating the revitalizing meals and soups under this category. And after trying them out myself, I concur! Examples include Pad Thai, stuffed pepper soup, and Cardo Verde.

Travel Tips

For many people, traveling comes with many undesirable side effects, such as fatigue, stress, or insomnia.

Edmeades flies very often. And he works 12 hours throughout his travels without running out of energy or falling sick.

But how does he do it?

He explains the reason he can do this effortlessly is because of WildFit Mindvalley. He ensures that he pumps his body with the right nutrients and avoids certain foods. Here are some of the tips he gives travelers:

  • Avoiding processed sugar
  • Engaging in aerobic exercises
  • Drinking lots of water two to three days before the journey
  • Eating well a few days prior

Losing Weight Rapidly and Keeping It off

By week 11 and 12, you will begin noticing massive weight loss. By this time, you’ll be receiving coaching twice per week.

During the last week, your coach will make daily calls to ensure that you keep the weight that you’ve lost off in the long term. In addition, Edmeades gives tips on how to stay resilient after the program.

He recommends the WildFit ebook to help you with your decisions regarding food going forward. Also, it will remind you of the program’s core principles to keep you focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

He also mentions a food test that will guide you in choosing the right foods.

Here are some tips for evaluating your food to help you know what to avoid:

  • Anything that you have to cook to make it edible, like beans or grains
  • Food with preservatives, chemicals, added flavors, etc.
  • Processed meals

WildFit Pricing

WildFit has a 100% money-back guarantee. You don’t have to write back-to-back emails or make endless calls to get your refund. All you need to do is head over to the Refund page and hit the refund link.

Here is the WildFit program cost:

  • One-time payment: $899
  • Three instalments: 3 x $349 ($1047)

Unfortunately, there isn't a free trial for the 90-day challenge diet plan.

WildFit Review - Verdict

WildFit has a lot to offer you if you’re looking to trade your unhealthy lifestyle with a healthy one.

One big drawback is that it takes 90 days. But note that it isn’t a fad diet, so it’s likely to give you long-lasting results. The instructor also repeats material throughout his videos. It was irritating at first, but when I started forgetting some of the stuff he taught during the first week, it all made sense.

The best thing about this program is that it doesn’t require you to buy special vitamins, supplements, or exotic shakes. It utilizes locally available nourishment that you can find in your local supermarket.

Another plus is that even though it might be expensive for many people, it has an option for paying in installments. The program also offers a money-back guarantee with stress-free refunds. You can initiate it at any time.

And a single click is all it takes. No emails, no calls.

If you’re looking for a program to help you transform your lifestyle for better health, WildFit is worth every penny.


What is Mindvalley WildFit?

Mindvalley WildFit is a 90-day challenge for weight loss and alleviation from lack of sleep, respiratory issues, stress, lack of energy, and chronic fatigue. It doesn’t require exercise or obsessive calorie counting like fad diets. Instead, it resets your willpower to no longer have to crave food that is bad for your health.

Does WildFit really work?

It works. Many only WildFit reviews show that people are incredibly happy with their results. The good news is that once you purchase the course, it’s yours for life. Therefore, you can always refer to the videos whenever you start going off track.

How much does the WildFit program cost?

WildFit has a one-off payment of $599. Alternatively, you can pay in three installments of $219, which adds up to $657.


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Eve-Carrie is an esteemed tech blogger who tests and reviews various apps and software. With her passion for technology and a keen eye for detail, she has made valuable contributions to renowned websites such as Huffington Post since 2016.

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Connie Hill
1 year ago
Thank you for your fair review. I did the program late may - Aug 2021 when 64o. I lost 28 lbs. Happy with the results and the new mind set / relationship with food that I implemented.

Linda Stuesser
1 year ago
I am 3 weeks in and had a rough start with family complications. I have so much to make up at this point. Plus I have two trips planned (which I should have considered before I signed up.) the two trips are total 4 weeks plus I just spent a week at my daughter’s house watching her kids while she had a baby. It was not possible for me to listen and plan smoothies etc during that time. When will be the next time the class will run? I am feeling like I should cancel. Ow and start fresh next session. Please advise.

Felicia Diaz
1 year ago
Thank you for the review.

Jasmine Dhanjal
1 year ago
Thank you this was insightful. The approaches make sense and combined can be powerful

Sandra Graves
1 year ago
I'm a WildFit graduate from more than a year ago. I'm back to my high school weight, have energy, make informed food choices, and am a fan of purposeful movement. Signing up for WildFit was one of the best decisions of my life. I'm WildFit for Life!

1 year ago
I loved your review, and went to purchase, you cite 5,99 as minimum costs, when I go to the website, it's now 6,99 plus with tax brings it to 8,50 so not manageble,

1 year ago
Hi Lorraine, thank you for your comment. WildFit recently increased its pricing, and we've updated it here as well.

Marilyn MacDonald
1 year ago
Would love this for myself and my partner. However - we are on government supplement as income, and there is no extra.

1 year ago
While the program may be good the access is hopeless - I have signed up and paid and my access has been blocked FIVE times. This makes it very difficult to watch the required videos on time.

Tammy D
1 year ago
I'm a Mindvalley member, having joined this week, and am immediately offered "Master Classes" in multiple subjects. I didn't know it was an hour long informercial. So, the "special offer" I was given is $899 (today is 8/28/2022) and he said the normal price was $1499. Of course, it's easy to believe that I would be given a better price because I just bought the Mindvalley membership, but apparently they believe we all have an endless well filled with gold because they just make up different prices thinking we are all eager for self improvement and will pay any price. I really thought all the Master Classes were included in the membership.