How To Get Sneaker Bots in 2024?

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Sneaker is more than a hobby or a fashion statement. It is now a culture and a status symbol. According to Fast Company, the global sneaker market is predicted to reach over $120 billion by 2026, making it the biggest-selling category in the online luxury market. 

Due to the increase of sneaker lovers in the market, the demand rises, and the supply can no longer keep up. As a result, more people opt for sneaker bots to get ahead.

Read on to discover how sneaker bots work and the ethical ways to guide you in obtaining one.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • The global sneaker market is predicted to reach over $120 billion by 2026, making it the biggest-selling category in the online luxury market.
  • Although using automated bots to buy sneakers online is often against the retailer’s terms and conditions, they don’t violate any law.
  • Operators use proxies and VPNs, making it seem like the bots come from individual residences instead of coordinated ones.
  • Before buying a bot, check their Twitter for the latest shoutouts and success stories. It also helps to ask around the community for their opinion and Google some reviews.

What is a Sneaker Bot?

A sneaker bot is a type of software programmed to help purchase sneakers by running automated tasks, such as:

  • Entering Raffles
  • Completing Checkouts
  • Checking for Inventory

Depending on the shape and size, sneaker bots can run various tasks. For instance, raffle bots generate hundreds of fake accounts and email addresses to boost users' odds of winning a sneaker raffle.

Sneaker bots are known to mimic human purchasing behavior, but only faster and in larger volumes. They can also dig up and purchase sneakers in ways human consumers can’t. 

The way sneaker bots execute tasks is fascinating, and you’ll understand how they do it in the following section.

Understanding How Sneaker Bots Work

Since sneaker bots are software programs that obey instructions, they work in various ways. Some sneaker bots send notifications about a pair you have your eye on, while a few bots complete the checkout. 

Take this YouTube video as an example where the operator used a bot to notify them when there’s a restock:


On the more complex side, some sneaker bots inject pre-recorded mouse and click movements from human users to deceive sophisticated bot mitigation software.

As Allure’s Chief Executive Officer, Josh Shaul, says:

“We have not seen that level of investment, time, and energy and building for exploits or bypasses in other markets.”

Bot operators go out of their way to conceal their tracks using proxies and VPNs. These tools make bots look like they come from individual residences instead of coordinated ones.

To better grasp why sneaker bots are sought by many users and blocked by most footwear sites, you must know its components. The elements that comprise a typical sneaker bot are:



Many sneaker bots have instructions telling them which store to visit and what pair to buy. Some tasks even tell the bot to go through the checkout process for the operator.



This element automatically reloads the website to dig up new releases. Integrated monitors are not enough, so it’s best to join a Discord group where you can get early links, keywords, and configuration guidelines to increase your chance of success.

Billing Profiles

Billing Profiles

Some stores limit the number of shoes you can get. If you wish to buy multiple pairs, sneaker bots allow you to create different billing profiles for your tasks. This may require you to accumulate virtual credit cards or tweak your address.

Third-party tools on the Internet help boost a sneaker bot’s performance to give users a higher chance of snagging the pair they want. Here are some of those tools:

  • Proxies

Some sites limit the number of purchases made per IP address. However, with proxies, your sneaker bots allow you to buy as many pairs as you want. Proxies make it look like people from different IP addresses are making the purchase. 

Keep in mind that sneaker bots do not come with proxies, so you must get one for your own use. Check the best proxy server services in 2023 and choose one that best fits your needs and preferences.

  • CAPTCHA Harvester

Stores occasionally throw a CAPTCHA at checkout to avoid sneaker botting. Fortunately, you can easily bypass this security measure. A CAPTCHA harvester is an automated tool that solves the Turing tests for you. 

Unlike proxies that you get separately, advanced sneaker bots come with a CAPTCHA harvester.

💡 Did You Know?

An estimated 200 million CAPTCHAs are typed daily, making it a huge part of the internet user experience.

Types of Sneaker Bots

There are different kinds of sneaker bots in the market, and each has its way of helping users secure coveted sneakers. Here is a list of common types of sneaker bots:

Types of Sneaker Bots

AIO Sneaker Bot

This All-in-One sneaker bot is widely recognized as a popular tool among sneaker fans.  One of its advantages is that it simplifies the buying process for newcomers and experienced sneakerheads.

AIO sneaker bots also provide valuable insights into effective marketing strategies like how to navigate YouTube drops or ways to add fun and engaging videos.

The All-in-One sneaker bot is one of the more budget-friendly sneaker bots in the market. It also boasts a commendable success rate, which makes it a good choice.

Nike Shoe Bot

The Nike shoe bots are designed for Nike releases. However, Nike is taking a solid stance against sneaker bots and is determined to stop the practice. 

To succeed in buying Nike sneakers online, it is best to use a Nike bot. These bots discreetly add sneakers to your cart and make it quicker to pay for them.

However, not all Nike shoe bots are the same. Some are good at outsmarting Nike's security measures than others. A reliable option is ANB Nike SNKRS.

🎉 Fun Fact

The Air Jordan 1, Nike’s famous basketball shoe line, paved the way for the Jordan Brand empire. Launched in 1985, it was Michael Jordan’s introductory shoe designed by Peter Moore. 

Nike only thought of selling 100,000 Air Jordan 1 pairs in its first year. However, over 1.5 million pairs were sold in the first six weeks alone. Nearly 40 years later, securing an Air Jordan 1 pair is still close to impossible in 2023.


This sneaker bot helps you purchase Adidas sneakers, especially the limited ones. It is compatible with macOS and Windows and lets you use the most compatible platform based on your goal.

KodaiAIO also has powerful methods to help you get your hands on Adidas’ newest releases. It is no wonder they have more than 200,000 checkouts to date.

This bot also gives you access to the Adidas dashboard to make the most of its features. It’s safe to say KodaiAOI is powerful enough to get you around any sneaker limit.

Footsite Bots

Footsite bots are like the experts in the sneaker bots world. They are designed to work with online sneaker retailers known as "footsites." These retailers get some of the highly sought-after sneakers, and using a Footsite bot can give you an advantage in securing them.

Sneaker retailers often release a limited number of sneakers, making everyone race to grab a pair. Footsite bots help you grab and pay for shoes faster than doing it manually. 


Balkabot is another good choice to get limited-release sneakers. Its user interface might initially be challenging, but it has practical tools. For example, it can solve CAPTCHAs and give you extra information to improve sneaker buying.

Balkobot supports different sites like Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, and Off-White. It is also compatible with Windows and macOS and supports proxies.

🎉 Fun Fact

The world’s biggest sneaker collector is The Chicks With Kicks, with over 6,000 sneakers on deck. Ariana, Dakota, and Dresden Peters believe sneakers are a part of their family business. 

In one of their interviews, Ariana mentioned they’re now applying for the Guinness World Record after beating Jordan Geller, who owns over 2,000 sneaker pairs.

5 Steps to Get a Sneaker Bot

The sneaker bot industry is growing, with hundreds of options available. However, good bots are limited only. 

Like sneakers, reliable shoe bots can be hard to find. That is why it is best to know how to get your hands on one, and you can do that with the steps below:

  • Research

Start by exploring the available sneaker bots in the market. Read user reviews and engage in online forums to learn about the most popular and effective bots.

After gathering enough data, evaluate the capabilities and features of each tool on your list. Choose the one that meets your requirements.

⚠️ Warning

Do NOT trust a sneaker bot that supports all sneaker sites for only $150. Before buying a bot, check Twitter for the latest shoutouts and success stories about it. You should also ask around for opinions or Google reviews.

  • Look Into Pricing and Availability

Examine if the bot is in stock and how much it costs. Confirm that it works with the online store you plan to use it on. Look at the prices from other options to ensure you make an economical choice.

📝 Note

Prioritize your budget before anything else. Remember: sneaker botting can be expensive. 

One bot can range between $300 and $600 on average. You will need a bigger budget if you plan to purchase several pairs. Also, you have to leave something for sneaker proxies. 

  • Purchase

When buying the bot, get it from the official website or a reliable verified seller. Be cautious of fake bots because  they do not work correctly—or worse, they come with different types of malware.

  • Install and Set Up

Follow the bot’s installation and setup instructions carefully. If it requires proxies or CAPTCHA solvers, make sure to set them up as directed.

  • Initiate Testing

Give the bot a trial run on a practice session to ensure that it works as it should. Avoid doing your trial run on a live release. 

The Legality and Ethicality of Sneaker Bots

Although using automated bots to buy sneakers online is against the terms and conditions of most retailers, sneaker botting does not violate any law. Some bot developers even have websites, operate advertisements, and list their prices publicly.

What matters is how you use these bots while adhering to the site’s terms and conditions. Breaking the terms can lead to account suspension and cancellation of orders.

Despite the legality, retailers like Nike understand that sneaker bots cause problems in the shopping experience. As a result, they fight it by all means. Nike updated their system by introducing code changes and website designs. Their revamps are expected to help Nike determine whether a bot is making an order or a real person.

Final Thoughts

The sneaker industry is growing, which has led to the increasing reliance of sneaker lovers on bots to buy the shoes they want. 

Sneaker bots are getting more and more critical in buying limited edition pairs quickly. However, getting a bot is not as easy as it seems. It involves thorough research, which includes evaluation of features and pricing.

While sneaker bots are not inherently illegal, abiding by the terms and conditions of online retailers is essential to prevent account suspension or order cancellations.


Do you need a good PC for sneaker botting?

Absolutely. A computer with a fast CPU and 16GB of RAM can run the bot smoothly and help you have a better chance of buying popular sneakers online.

Will Nike do anything about bots?

Yes, they will. Nike is actively working to address the issue of sneaker bots and is determined to take action to prevent them from disrupting their releases.

Why do people use bots to buy shoes?

People use bots to buy shoes. Sneaker bots help them quickly purchase limited-release sneakers.


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