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Updated · Mar 27, 2023

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“Access Denied: You don’t have permission to access on this server” is an error message that pops up when there’s an issue that prevents you from accessing a site online.

Here’s why that’s happening and how to fix it.

Why You Are Experiencing "You Don’t Have Permission to Access This Server"

There are many reasons why you might see an “Access Denied” error message when visiting a website. This can be anything from a changed URL to an issue with the server that hosts the website. 

A “you don't have permission to access on this server” error usually appears when your browser uses different proxy settings than your computer, which can happen when you’re using a proxy or a VPN tool

The site might block access due to a corrupted cache in your browser or a server-related issue.

How to Fix "You Don’t Have Permission to Access This Server" Error

The solution for the error mainly depends on what caused it. 

Here are some common troubleshooting scenarios you can try to identify and fix the issue that’s stopping you from opening a website:

Clear All Data for a Specific Website

Misconfigured settings or files for a website can cause access errors. 

To fix it, you’ll need to clear the data for the website.

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

google chrome starting page with an arrow pointing at the three dot settings symbol

  1. Select Settings and click Privacy and Security from the left menu.
  2. Select Site Settings

google chrome privacy and security tab with an arrow pointing at the site settings menu

  1. Scroll down to Cookies and Site data and select it.
  2. Select See all cookies and site data.
  3. From the list, select the domain of the website you’re unable to access and click on Remove.

google chrome cookie and site data settings with an arrow pointing at the trash symbol

  1. Restart your browser and go to the site to see if the problem was fixed.

Clear Browser Data

If you come across an “Access Denied on This Server” error message, you should consider clearing your browser data. 

This will allow you to keep your custom settings but will remove your entire history, all of your cookies, and sometimes, your passwords.

To clear the data on your browser:

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select More Tools and then Clear Browsing Data.

google chrome starting page with an arrow pointing at the clear browsing data option in the settings dropdown menu

  1. Select All time from the Time Range drop-down menu and click on Advanced.
  2. Check all boxes, including Browsing History, Cookie and other site data, and Cached images and files, and click Clear Data.

clear browsing data advanced tab in google chrome with an arrow pointing at the clear data button

  1. Restart Google Chrome and reload the page to see if the error is gone.

Reset Browser

Resetting your browser will revert all the changes you’ve made to it to default and delete all cookies and extensions that may be behind the access issue. 

To do that:

  1. Open Google Chrome, click on the three vertical dots, and select Settings.
  1. From the menu on the left side, click Reset and clean up.

reset and clean up tab in the google chrome settings with an arrow pointing at the restore settings to default option

  1. Click on Restore Settings to their original defaults.
  2. Click on Reset Settings.

reset settings confirmation window in google chrome settings with an arrow pointing at the reset settings button

Turn off Your VPN Extension

A VPN extension on your browser– which works exactly like a VPN–can trigger an error when visiting certain websites. 

VPNs hide your IP address by routing your data through one of their servers, which might be blocked by the site you’re trying to access.

To turn off a VPN extension on Chrome:

  1. Start the browser and click the three dots in the top right-side corner to open the main menu.
  2. From the More Tools sub-menu, click Extensions.

google chrome start page with an arrow pointing at the extensions settings in the dropdown menu

  1. Once you locate the VPN extension, toggle the switch in the bottom right corner to turn it off.

google chrome extensions tab with an arrow pointing at an extension toggle button slider

  1. Restart the browser and try visiting the site again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Disable the Proxy Server for LAN

Using a proxy server over a LAN can improve security, and sometimes connection speeds, but if the proxy settings are incorrect, you may need to fix them.

To make sure that’s what’s causing the issue, you should try disabling the proxy first.

To do that:.

  1. Press Windows + S key to open the search bar.
  2. Search for “Internet Options” and click on it to open the Internet Properties window.
  3. Click LAN Settings under the Connections tab.

internet properties settings in the Connections tab with an arrow pointing at the LAN settings

      4. Uncheck the box next to Use proxy server for your LAN option and click OK to save the changes.

LAN settings pop up window with an arrow pointing at the proxy server tick box

Download a Premium VPN

A VPN is an excellent tool for users that want to maximize their anonymity in the online world.

Free VPNs might help you hide your IP address from the sites you visit, but they’re generally limited and are unlikely to provide reasonable speeds due to overwhelmed servers. 

They can also cause some websites to block access because they can recognize the IP address.

The best way to circumvent this issue is to get a premium VPN service

These services come with advanced security features that will improve your security and some of them offer dedicated IP addresses, which look less suspicious.

If you’re having trouble finding the right VPN for you, here are some of the top-selling VPN services on the market:

  • Surfshark VPN: Allows for unlimited connections.
  • NordVPN: Uses its own NordLynx protocol that’s 10 times faster than mainstream protocols.
  • ExpressVPN: One of the fastest VPNs on the market that also has its own protocol.
  • Avast HMA Pro VPN: Has an IP shuffle feature that provides you with a random IP address on schedule.

Bottom Line

If you’re wondering “why am I getting Access Denied on this server?”, then answer it: There’s probably a disconnect between the proxy settings on your browser and your computer. That said, there might be other reasons that you can’t access a certain website, including using a VPN (an extension or an app), a proxy, or corrupted cache files. 

To fix these errors, you can troubleshoot some common technical issues and clear your browser data, reset your browser, or turn off your VPN.


Why am I getting “Access denied” on this server?

The error can be caused by corrupted cache files, leftover cookies, your proxy settings, or VPN software.

How do I fix denied permissions?

That depends on what’s causing the error in the first place. You can try resetting your browser, clearing your browser data, or turning off your VPN and proxy.

What does “You don't have permission to access on this server” mean?

A “You don’t have permission to access on this server” error message means that something is preventing your IP from accessing a website.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

Deyan has been fascinated by technology his whole life. From the first Tetris game all the way to Falcon Heavy. Working for TechJury is like a dream come true, combining both his passions – writing and technology. In his free time (which is pretty scarce, thanks to his three kids), Deyan enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Always with a few chargers and a couple of gadgets in the backpack. He makes mean dizzying Island Paradise cocktails too.

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