Find Someone's Dating Profile with these Eight Ways

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With the popularity of online dating, it can be difficult to tell if someone is sincerely looking for a relationship. Thankfully, there are ways to do this with little time or money. 

The Pew Research Center's study notes that 44% of dating app users in America want to meet a long-term partner, while 40% only want casual dates. 

The same research says that Tinder has the most users among dating apps. According to statistics, there have been 30 billion matches that happened on Tinder. 

Even with all these huge numbers, you can easily find out if someone is using a dating site. In this article, discover eight ways to find someone's dating profile and tools that may help you cut your time spent searching. 

Ways How to Find a Person's Dating Profile

You may be interested in a friend, colleague, or workmate and want to know if they have an online dating account. 

Going online and searching through search engines may work, but there are also other ways to do this. 

It’s important to remember that looking for a dating profile can take time since some users are cautious of their online privacy

Here are eight ways you can find a person’s dating profile: 

Finding Dating Profiles by Phone Number

If you have the phone number of the person you want to look for, then this method is for you. 

Social media users often register their numbers when creating an account. You can type the phone number on the search bar of social media apps and dating apps to see if there are any results. 

Search results may show a secondary profile made for dating on social media or an actual dating profile on dating apps. 

Finding Dating Profiles by Email

Another way to find out someone's dating profile is by using their email address. This method can happen through background check sites like BeenVerified

Finding Dating Profiles by Email
To start using this reverse email lookup tool, you may follow the steps below:

1. Login or Sign up. 

2. Click on "Email Lookup". 

3. Enter the email of that person.

4. Click "SEARCH." 

5. When the results are ready, an agreement will appear on your screen. 

6. Click on "I Agree" and then "Continue." 

Click on "I Agree" and then "Continue."

You will be able to view the initial search results for free. If you prefer a more in-depth result, you can opt for the paid version. 

Finding Dating Profiles by Name

The person you’re trying to look for may have used their real name on their dating profiles. This can make things easier for you. 

Reverse name lookup tools like Truthfinder can help you look that person up using their name. 

To use this website, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in or sign up

2. Enter their name on the search bars

3. Choose the state

4. Click "SEARCH NOW." 


The website will ask you for more details to refine your search. You may skip those if you don't know the details. 

When the results are ready, you can view the report for free. If you want more information, you can also subscribe to their service. 

Results may include dating profiles, social media profiles, public records, and possible relatives.

Find Dating Profile by Picture 

Using a person's picture of themselves can be one of the best methods in looking for their dating profile. They might use a hidden dating app or a fake name in their dating profiles. 

A reverse image lookup tool like Social Catfish may help you do this. 

With these steps, you may search on someone's dating profile on Social Catfish:

1. Click on "Image."

2. Click on the search bar to begin browsing for the picture.

3. Select a picture and click "Open."

4. When results are ready, an agreement will appear on your screen, click on "Yes I Understand" to view the search results.

click on "Yes I Understand" to view the search results.

You may view the initial report, but you may have to subscribe if you want more in-depth search results. 

Find Dating Profile by Username

If you know the other person’s username, this method might work best for you. People search websites like PeopleLooker may help you use the person's username in search for their dating profile. 

Find Dating Profile by Username

To begin the search using the person’s username on this website, follow the steps below:

1. Click on "Search Tools" on the upper part of the website.

2. Choose "Username Search".

Choose "Username Search"

3. Enter the username and click "Search".

4. Choose a data category you're most interested in.

To view the search results, you'll need to enter your email. The website may give you several results on public records, including possible dating profiles. 

Another way to find someone's dating profile is by searching their details on search engines like Google. 

It's free to use and can be convenient since some dating sites or apps put their users' details like usernames or nicknames on public view.

The dating profile you're looking for may appear on the results. Patience is important at this point in time because many accounts may show up with similar usernames. 

You can also use Google’s reverse image search feature. 

Find Dating Profiles by Google Search

By clicking the camera icon, Google allows you to drag or upload an image for a reverse search. 

Results may include dating profiles that have used the exact or similar picture you uploaded. 

Swiping to Find

If you still haven't found what you’re looking for, your best bet would be to create your own dating profile and search for the other person there. 

You can set a specific age group or location to narrow down the search. 

When you aim to find out someone's dating profile, it may help you not use your exact details. 

Key Takeaways

  • It is possible to find someone's dating profile on the internet even without a lot of details.
  • You can find someone's dating profile using their phone number, email, name, picture, and username. 
  • Using reverse search lookup tools like Truthfinder, BeenVerified, Social Catfish, and PeopleLooker may help you find this person's dating profile. 
  • Registering or logging in using this person's credentials may give you dating profile suggestions from the dating website or app. 

Bottom Line

Looking up someone’s dating profile can be challenging but it’s not impossible. There are many options for you to choose from. 

There are lookup websites that would show you initial results for free, while some lookup websites need you to subscribe for the report. 

Different methods can give you different results so it’s best to choose the option that suits your situation best.


Can the " username" method help you find people on dating sites?

It is possible to use this method but it can be a hit or miss. You may not find what you’re looking for using this method. 

How do I find a dating profile by picture?

You can use reverse image lookup tools like Social Catfish. Browse and upload a picture of this person; results may show possible dating or other hidden social media profiles. 


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