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PeopleLooker Review

People searches and background checks are gaining more popularity with each day. We read numerous PeopleLooker reviews, tested the service ourselves and now we’re going to share what we learned.

PeopleLooker Review

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  • People search: Yes
  • Reverse phone lookup: Yes
  • Public record report: Yes
  • Criminal record: Yes
  • Report address lookup: Yes
  • Background check: Yes
  • Traffic offenses: Yes
  • Education history: Yes

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Best For

Checking potential dates from dating platforms.


  • Good-looking interface
  • Easy to use
  • Searches are confidential
  • Mobile apps for both Android and iOS


  • No dark web scanning
  • Customer service
  • Takes a lot of time to process a request


7-day trial


1-month plan

$22.86/per month

3-month plan

$18.28/per month

Manually browsing through public records can be tedious, slow, and even impossible at times. Enter PeopleLooker. With access to a wide range of databases, it can give you on-demand information related to individuals, as well as properties.

Ever wondered if someone has a criminal record? You can search for it on their website. Do you want to look up old classmates and find out where they ended up? All you need to do is enter their first and last name. Maybe you had a missed call from an unknown number, and you want to find out who was trying to get in touch? Use the reverse phone looker. Interested in gathering more information about a property before investing? It can be done in a matter of minutes. 

PeopleLooker gives you quick access to data collected from public records. But what makes it stand out from background check companies? Just take a look at the features:

Legal Disclaimer – PeopleLooker isn’t a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The site can’t be used for employment, credit, tenant screening, or related purposes.


Advanced features, accuracy in data, level of detail, and ease of use are what put this professional background check service on top of our list.

People Search

You can enter one or more parameters that can help narrow the search and make it more accurate. Aside from using someone’s first and last name, you can also enter their place of residence, email, or phone number.

Once you provide the parameters, the website analyses huge bulks of data and cross-references different records in order to find the best match. While this does take some time, PeopleLooker provides a very detailed report. A typical people search report would include the birthdate and first and last name (also maiden name). PeopleLooker also shows you:

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Closest relatives
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Criminal record
  • Bankruptcies
  • Marriages and divorces

PeopleLooker reviews show that users love the number of details they’re getting. The site does a fantastic job of finding the right person no matter how limited your starting information is.

By using a people search site like PeopleLooker, you can do a better job of protecting yourself against dubious online service providers and financial scams. You can also use it for screening potential romantic interests. Especially in the online dating world, people tend to create fake profiles so it’s always a good idea to run a quick online background check before meeting someone in person. That way you can rest assured that the person behind the screen is actually the person he or she is claiming to be and that you’re not being catfished.

Court runner

One of the features that really separates PeopleLooker from other background check websites, and the one we especially wanted to highlight in this review, is their court runner service. When investigating someone’s criminal past, you want to be absolutely confident you’re dealing with accurate information. You don’t want to end up wrongly accusing an individual that is, in fact, completely innocent. Legitimate background check companies thoroughly scan multiple sources such as:

  • Public arrest records
  • Traffic violations
  • Court records
  • Misdemeanor records
  • Felony records
  • Outstanding warrants

They perform these scans on a federal, state, county, and local level and then compile them into intelligible reports. 

PeopleLooker goes the extra mile. Their court runner service sends a staff member to court in order to double-check the provided data and update it if needed. As long as the requested case is dated within the past seven years, the court runner will be able to return the accurate information. However, this service is not covered by the basic subscription and costs an additional fee. According to PeopleLooker reviews, this is one of the best features this website has to offer.

Information removal

Another reason people use PeopleLooker, or any other background check site for that matter, is to look up their own name and see what kind of information they can find. Oftentimes, the information they find is false or inadequate. 

Luckily, the PeopleLooker information removal service allows you to opt-out of any false data about you. Just follow the instructions on the website. After the request has been submitted and approved, it takes about 24 hours for the information to disappear from the website. It’s also worth noting that this service is completely free, and you don’t have to have a registered account.

The removed information won’t show up again. However, keep in mind that this does not mean any other data related to you might not get posted in the future. Luckily, the process is fast and easy to complete so you can opt-out again.

Property check

Buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime investment for most people, so making the right choice is crucial. By using PeopleLooker’s address lookup service, you can check ownership history, projected value, associated taxes, square footage, and when the property was built. Thanks to PeopleLooker’s comprehensive property search capabilities, you can form a better impression of the neighborhood, too. Find out more about the local businesses that serve the community, amenities such as parks and community centers, schools, and the local demographics. 

By performing an address background check, you can pull up the crime stats for that area. That way you’ll be fully aware of the potential risks of moving into the neighborhood. People most often search for the number of reported violent and sex offender incidents.

Additional Features

PeopleLooker packs quite a few differentiating features that make it one of the best professional and personal background check companies on the market. 

It uses secure SSL certificates when processing your requests, assuring maximum safety, and privacy. All searches performed on PeopleLooker are confidential, which is crucial when digging up background information. On top of that, the website is very clear in how they collect and use the information and how their customers should use it as well. PeopleLooker is committed to following all the regulations set by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and expects the same from its users. Even though it’s a public record search engine, the company values privacy and transparency over everything else.

However, something often mentioned in the PeopleLooker reviews is the lack of dark web monitoring. Quite the letdown, considering how common identity theft has become.     

Ease of use 

While writing our PeopleLooker review, we were quite pleased with how effortless it was to navigate the website. It’s arguably one of the easiest background information search engines to use. Both the website and mobile app layout have an excellent visual feel to them. 


PeopleLooker uses a monthly subscription-based model. It also offers a trial period that allows customers to test out the service. The trial costs $1 and lasts 7 days. If you wish to continue using their service, you can choose between two premium plans:

  • Monthly membership – $22.86/month
  • 3-month membership – $18.28/month

By subscribing to their services you get:

  • Unlimited access to background reports
  • Unlimited access to contact information
  • Unlimited access to arrest records
  • Unlimited access to phone lookups
  • Unlimited access to email lookups

You also get:

  • More search options
  • Faster searching capabilities

Subscription canceling can be done at any time by contacting their customer service via phone or email. While testing for our PeopleLooker review we weren’t really pleased with the customer support team. The agent we talked to provided some generic info and wasn’t really into helping us.

PeopleLooker Review – Verdict

So is PeopleLooker legit? Our definitive answer would be yes! When it comes to information accuracy, it’s one of the best, if not, the best people search providers on the web right now. It’s not the cheapest background check service available, but at least they don’t have hidden fees.

According to PeopleLooker reviews, adding dark web monitoring and improving the customer support will surely put this people search service at the top of every list. Nevertheless, this background check service deserves all the praise it’s getting. We’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Till next time!


Is PeopleLooker a safe site?

The website utilizes all the precautions necessary to ensure your requests are processed safely. Every request is encrypted and confidential so you can rest assured that browsing the site is completely safe.

Do you have to pay for PeopleLooker?

There is a fee after you exhaust the $1 trial. It’s $22.86/month for a monthly subscription and $18.28/month for a 3-month subscription. You might want to see if there’s a totally free background check first. 

Is free?

PeopleLooker is not free; even the trial is paid – $1. 

How do I remove my information from PeopleLooker?

PeopleLooker’s removal service allows you to opt-out of any information related to you. All you need to do is follow the instructions found on their website. When your request is approved, the information will be gone in about 24 hours. Once the information is removed, it will never be posted again; however, new information can appear. You can ask to be notified when your file is updated.

How much does PeopleLooker cost?

PeopleLooker offers a 7-day trial that costs $1 but if you really want to enjoy their services, we recommend choosing one of the two different plans they offer:

  • Monthly membership – $22.86/month
  • 3-month membership – $18.28/month

Both plans include an unlimited amount of reports and other neat features, highly praised by PeopleLooker reviews.


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