Fresh Proxies: What They Are And Why They Matter?

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With over 4 billion IP addresses that IPv4 can provide, the repeated use of Internet Protocol addresses is now more common.

As of July 2022, 63% of the global population has accessed the internet, which demands more IP addresses from Internet Service Providers. 

You are likely connected to a used IP address. Each IP address has a history, and there is a chance that the one you use has a record of reprehensible activities. Fresh proxies can help you with this.

Read on to learn more about fresh proxies and their uses.

🔑Key Takeaways

  • Fresh proxies are not new IPs; they are not recently used for any activities and have passed a cool-down period of 90-180 days. 
  • Fresh proxies are helpful for social media managers and virtual assistants because social media platforms prefer new IPs and overly used ones. 
  • Fresh proxies give online stores higher trust by ensuring that IP addresses are not associated with any histories of suspicious activities, payment issues, and unusual IP location shifts. 
  • Fresh proxies help users scrape highly sensitive sites to avoid roadblocks when browsing. 
  • Fresh proxies are always “exclusive,” but exclusive proxies are not always “fresh” because they did not pass a cool-down period. 

Fresh Proxy Definition

Fresh proxies (or virgin proxies) are proxy IP addresses that pass a cool-down period, usually 90–180 days. Besides some performance tests, these fresh IPs were not recently used for any activities.

This means fresh proxies are not new IPs, but proxy server providers ensure they are not blacklisted from important websites. The cooldown period also removes IP records on some sites.

Meanwhile, IP addresses from virtual private networks (VPNs) are not fresh IPs. Multiple users typically share VPN IPs, which are not known to have cool-down periods.

Common Uses Of Fresh Proxies

Infographic about Common Uses of Fresh Proxies

As IP addresses with no negative track record, fresh proxies are best used for susceptible tasks. These are the typical uses of fresh proxies:

Managing Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms like Facebook enforce strong crackdown measures against Terms of Service violators. This is why vital social media accounts are best managed with fresh IPs rather than abused ones.

Fresh IPs from proxy servers also serve as work IPs for virtual assistants and social media managers. They help avoid sudden IP location changes without being associated with an IP with a suspension or block history.

👍Helpful Article: If you are an avid user of Google Chrome and need help setting up a proxy on the browser, we have outlined the necessary steps. Some of the benefits of it include anonymous browsing, better security, and the ability to bypass network restrictions. 

Online Store Management

Amazon has a thorough system for detecting suspicious activities like unusual IP location shifts, personal information changes, and payment issues. Being associated with IPs with a history of suspicious activities can result in suspension.

Managing multiple stores on a single device is solely possible using proxies. 

Also, you must only entrust important seller accounts with excellent sales performance with a fresh IP connection.

Scraping Highly Sensitive Sites

You can get away with using shared proxies for scraping less sensitive websites. However, that would not happen with bigger sites like Amazon, LinkedIn, and TicketMaster.

On these sites, you will likely get results if you use rotating proxies with fresh and dedicated pools of IP addresses. Anything less will only lead to frequent roadblocks.

Fresh proxy lists are best suited for this task. Do not consider using free proxy lists, as they usually have security issues. The same goes for open proxy lists, which are the most abused for being public.

✅Pro Tip: Knowing your proxy server is necessary when troubleshooting a network, performing network diagnosis, installing software, and accessing the router's configuration page via a web browser. You can find the proxy server address by checking your operating system settings, online tools, and software that can scan your network. 

Best rated proxy services for October 2023

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Smartproxy is a top-rated proxy provider trusted by many. Its 65 million+ proxies from 195+ locations help bypass CAPTCHAs, geo-blocks, and IP bans. It offers a 14-day free trial and has a high rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot with 90% 5-star ratings, making it one of the best in the industry.

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Nimble IP is the first proxy platform to utilize AI models to enable fast web scraping. It offers an all-in-one infrastructure solution for effortless data gathering from the open web, expanding with your team's needs, and providing secure and cost-effective access to large-scale data from any corner of the world.

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Fresh Proxy vs. Exclusive Proxy

Fresh proxies are always "exclusive," as proxy server providers lease them as private proxies. It means no one else is using them but you.

On the other hand, exclusive proxies are not always “fresh.” They do not pass any cool-down periods. However, they are also leased as private proxies, so you will not share them with anyone. 

In terms of price, fresh proxies are more expensive than exclusive proxies. Block rates are also close to nothing.

💡Did You Know? Proxy servers are crucial to business operations by improving their security, balancing traffic to prevent server crashes, helping them do sensitive tasks anonymously, and providing bandwidth savings and faster speeds. 

If you still need clarification about what proxy server to get, we have curated a list for you to choose from. The criteria for selecting the servers include ease of use, features, performance, price, and support. 

How To Get A Fresh Proxy?

Before signing up for proxies, check if the proxy server provider offers fresh proxies. Some offer private proxies that are not necessarily “fresh.”

You can get a fresh proxy from proxy server providers like IPBurger. Here’s how to get a fresh proxy:

Step 1: Go to IPBurger’s website and create a free account. You can also sign up through Google or Facebook.

Screenshot of the IPBurger Website

Step 2: On the IPBurger dashboard, choose any of the fresh proxy plans and complete the order.

Step 3: After purchasing a plan, you should see your fresh proxy details under the Dedicated Proxies category.

Screenshot of Dedicated Proxies Category

Step 4: You can click on Setup & Install to view the different installation options for each operating system, like Windows or MacOS, and browser extension support.

Pros And Cons Of Fresh Proxies

Fresh proxies have many benefits, but using them also comes with challenges. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using fresh proxies:



  • Exclusive and private
  • Lesser block rate from important sites
  • Good for sensitive target sites
  • No history of abuse and suspicious activities
  • Pricier than regular dedicated proxies

Price is indeed the only downside to fresh proxies. However, you are getting what you are paying for regarding quality IPs. 

Fresh proxies are the best choice if you’re looking for a proxy to do highly sensitive tasks. 


The increasing sophistication of popular websites and the rising number of cyberattacks affecting internet users every 39 seconds gave birth to the use of fresh proxies. 

It is also a result of the limited IP addresses that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can provide compared to the number of Internet users. 

Choose a fresh proxy if you do not want to risk using IP addresses with an unknown history. The price is worth more than being suspended from an important account or failing to do a sensitive task.



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