How to Find a Proxy Server Address [All You Need To Know]

Velina Nenova
Velina Nenova

Updated · Oct 16, 2022


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Proxy servers increase your internet privacy and help you access location-blocked content and websites by allowing you to hide your IP address. If you set up your proxy with the proper instruction, it should work fine, but you may still face some issues with the network.

Knowing how to find a proxy server address is crucial in successfully troubleshooting these issues. Plus, you’ll need the proxy server address if you wish to connect another device to the network. Our guide provides instructions on how to find your server’s IP quickly.

How to Find a Proxy Server Address?

The following presents ways to check for a proxy address via your computer or browser.

Check Computer Settings

Check which address your computer (Windows or Mac) uses for a connection. 

Take the following easy steps to do this for Windows.


1. Type Internet Options in the search bar. (Alternatively, go to this window via Control Panel);

Typing Internet Options in the search bar

2. The Internet Properties window will open;

The Internet Properties window open

2. Click the Connections tab and go to LAN settings;

Connections tab open and LAN settings option selected

3. Check the proxy settings and address with more details about the network connection—where you’ll also be changing proxy settings if there are some glitches in your proxy.


Take the following steps if you own a Mac.

  1. Select Open Network Preferences or System Preferences;
  2. Click Network;
  3. Go to Advanced;
  4. Click the Proxies tab to run a proxy check;
  5. See the options for the proxies you use.

Check Browser Settings

In addition to checking your computer connections, you can view browser settings to find your proxy address and configure the proxy. Consider the following top five most popular browsers for this purpose.


1. Click the three-dot menu and go to Settings;

Settings open

2. On the left, click System;

System option selected

3. Click ‘Open your computer’s proxy settings’, where you’ll find your proxy IP address. 

proxy IP address option selected


If you own an Apple device and browse via Safari, you can look for your proxy server IP by taking the following steps:

1. Go to the Safari menu;

2. Go to Preferences;

3. Click the Advanced tab;

4. Go to the Proxies section, then Change Settings;

5. You’ll see your Mac’s current settings.


Follow these steps to find your proxy IP address on Firefox.

1. Open the Firefox menu, then Settings;

Firefox menu and Settings open

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find Network Settings;

Network Settings selected and open

3. Click Settings, and a window will show where you can check the proxy and run any other network and connection settings.

connection settings open and proxy option selected


Take the following steps if you use Microsoft Edge and want to find the proxy server address

1. Click the Edge menu icon;

Edge menu open

2. Scroll to Advanced settings;

Advanced settings open

3. Click ‘View advanced settings’; 

4. Scroll down to find ‘Proxy setup’ under Downloads;

‘Proxy setup’ option found and selected

  1. Click ‘Open settings’, and a window will show your current settings, where you can locate your proxy server IP address or manage other proxy-related matters.


Take the following steps if you run Opera. 

1. Click on the Opera menu and scroll down to find the full browser settings;

the Opera menu open

2. A separate tab will open;

separate tab open

3. Use the search bar and type ‘proxy’, where you’ll see the following screen;

typing ‘proxy’ in the search bar

4. Upon clicking on ‘Open your computer’s proxy settings’, you’ll see a window showing your current web proxy address and all other settings to manage your proxies.

Proxy Server Detectors

If you don’t wish to search for your internet proxy settings, you can use proxy server detectors—websites that detect whether you’re running a proxy IP or have your actual IP exposed. 

The most popular proxy server check platforms include WhatIsMyIp, WhatIsMyProxy, and WhatIsMyIpAddress, which will automatically show your IP immediately upon opening their link. If you’ve correctly configured your IP, you’ll see your address. 

Wrap Up

Using a proxy helps improve your online security by hiding your actual address. Proxies also surpass the geolocation content restrictions so that you can access all the websites you desire.

A web proxy should work well and make your online experience smooth If configured correctly. Some proxies, however, may slow down and exhibit glitches. In this case, you’ll need to find your proxy address and port number and reset your computer settings or browser.


Is the proxy address the IP address?

A proxy is an IP address that belongs to a server. It’s an address you use instead of your own to mask your online presence. Additionally, using a proxy IP protects you while surfing the internet.

What does a proxy number look like?

By checking your LAN settings, you can find your proxy number—a few numbers, each separated from the next by a period. If you configured the proxy, it should show under the HTTP proxy box.

How do I create a proxy?

In addition to using proxy servers, you can set up your own. You’ll need a web host (PHP7 or greater), cURL, and the host’s permission to run a proxy server. You can also download and install PHP Proxy for free. Then, edit the file config.php to add a random value to $config['app_key']= ' '. Your proxy will then be ready, and you won’t need to learn how to find a proxy server address.


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