White Pages Reverse Lookup: What is it?

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White Pages reverse lookup is a method many people use to search for someone using a phone number, home address, or name. This way can be helpful for you who are looking for someone's identity free of charge. 

White Pages ranked 2nd in Public Records and Directories category with 20.5 million total visits as of March 2023. It is one of the most trusted free people search websites

White Pages Reverse Lookup is a great tool if you are trying to reconnect or connect with someone or do a background check to avoid possible cyberattacks or identity theft

In this article, discover how you can use this tool more conveniently. You'll also discover the difference between White and Yellow Pages and some alternatives. 

What is White PagesReverse Lookup?

White Pages Reverse Phone Lookup is a popular web-based reverse phone lookup tool. 

This service lets you look up phone numbers and receive accurate information about people who call you. 

Using White Pages Reverse Lookup may be convenient when searching for someone's identity. This reverse phone lookup tool can access public records of those who decide to keep their identity anonymous on the internet.

This tool can cut time since White Pages Reverse Lookup is accessible on any device like smartphones, laptops, or desktops. 

How Does it Work? 

There are three ways to use White Pages Reverse Lookup: people search, reverse phone, and reverse address.

People SearchIf you want to verify someone’s identity or check someone's background using their name, you may use People Search. You may follow the steps below to use it:

Step 1: Click on "PEOPLE SEARCH." 

Step 2: Enter the person's name. 

Step 3: Enter the location of this person.

Step 4: Click "Search".

Step 5: Wait for the results.

View Full Report

If you want to see the full report, click "View Full Report." 

The search results may include variations of that person's name, professional license, company details, address, and possible relatives. 

You can also use the reverse phone lookup option if this option doesn't work. 

Reverse Phone

Reverse Phone

When you want to know who owns a number, you may use the reverse phone lookup feature of White Pages. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on "REVERSE PHONE."

Step 2: Enter the person's phone number. 

Step 3: Click "Search."

Step 4: Wait for the results. 

View Owner's DetailsInitial results may show possible owners and their details like name, age, and location. 

To see more information, click on "View Owner's Details." You may see unlisted and hidden numbers and landlines associated with the phone number. 

If you still do not find what you’re looking for using this option and you know their address, then you can try the reverse address lookup on White Pages. 

Reverse Address

Reverse Address

Reverse address lookup uses White Pages Residential Phone Book as its database.

To use this option, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Click on "REVERSE ADDRESS".

Step 2: Enter the address of that person, including the city or the state. 

Step 3: Click on "Search".

Step 4: Wait for the results. 

identify the personThe results may help you identify the person you're trying to connect with. Verifying the identity of the person you are talking to can help you avoid scammers. 

Difference between White Pages and Yellow Pages

White and Yellow Pages contain names, contact information, and addresses. This is why it can sometimes be confusing which one to use. But there is a distinct difference between the two. 

The following are the main differences between White and Yellow Pages: 

  • In printed telephone directories, White Pages occupy the first half. In contrast, the Yellow Pages occupy the second half. 
  • White Pages include residential listings, while the Yellow Pages have business listings. 
  • White Pages' listings are free, and Yellow Pages costs a charge. 
  • You scan through White Pages if you're looking for an individual's information. Look into the Yellow Pages if you're looking for services and companies. 

As both White and Yellow Pages are adapted online, they are accessible anywhere in the world. 

For instance, you may access your local White and Yellow Pages online if you're in the USA. 

If you're in the USA and your friend is in the UK, you may access the White or Yellow Pages of the UK through the Internet. 

Alternatives to White Pages Reverse Lookup

If you cannot find what you’re looking for in the White Pages Reverse Lookup, other options remain. A lot of reverse phone lookup websites are available on the internet. 

The following are some of the most popular alternatives to White Pages Reverse Lookup:

1. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is one of the best people search sites for 2023. The website offers a wide variety of look-up options. Depending on your data, BeenVerified can find the person you’re looking for. 

BeenVerified's website has "People Search" as default. Yet, you may tap on which feature you want to use. 

BeenVerifiedSearch results may include other public records like social media accounts and criminal records. 

You may see the full report by subscribing to the website. The fee depends on which package you choose.

2. Truthfinder

TruthfinderMany users find Truthfinder incredible in finding information about people. Our review for Truthfinder also shows how great this people search tool is. 

Just like BeenVerified, this website also offers services like phone searches and background checks. 

Truthfinder's website is in "Public Records Search," which allows you to search for someone using their name. You may click on other tabs on the upper part of the website if you wish to use other services. 

Search results from this tool may show you people's full names, ages, locations, and possible relatives. You'll need to subscribe to their website to see the full report. 

The full report may contain people's dating profiles, social media pictures, job details, contact information, court records, and more. 

3. Intelius

Intelius is a legit reverse lookup tool that offers various features. 

You can search for people's information using their name, phone number, and address. It offers services like background checks and criminal records searches. 

InteliusIntelius' website will ask for more details about the person you're searching for to help narrow down the results. 

The initial search results may include people's full names, ages, locations, and possible relatives. The full report may consist of criminal records and a social media summary.


White Pages Reverse Lookup can be an excellent tool for finding someone with limited information. 

You can find other alternatives if you cannot find what you’re looking for using the White Pages Reverse Lookup. The options include reverse lookup tools like BeenVerified, TruthFinder, and Intelius. 

These tools can make your search easier and help you reconnect or connect with the person you seek.


Is White Pages Reverse Lookup legal?

White Pages Reverse Lookup is legal. White Pages data that are available to the public. This information includes social media, phone numbers, photos, and more.


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