A Statistic Overview: How Many Posts Are Posted On Instagram Per Day?

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With 95 million posts daily, Instagram is one of the key players in the social media scene. This is unsurprising as the platform currently has 500 million daily active users and ranks as the 4th most popular social media site in 2023.

Instagram's user base is growing at a rate of 5.79%, leading more people to seek effective ways to use the platform for engagement, reach, and business growth. With the surge in public interest, it's evident that understanding Instagram involves much more than simply counting its users.

Below, you will discover the number of posts that make it to Instagram daily.

Editor’s Choice

  • 71.9% of Instagram content is photo posts. 
  • 1 photo upload weekly is ideal for nano accounts, garnering a 3.36% engagement rate.
  • Photo uploads are least ideal for mid-accounts looking to get a good engagement rate (0.4%)
  • 86% of Instagram users post stories, and 70% watch stories daily. 
  • The top 25% of business brands on Instagram post an average of 7 stories weekly. 
  • Brands with Instagram stories have an 87.2% completion rate – higher than other social media platforms. 
  • 58% of users are more interested in brands found through Instagram stories.
  • Instagram reels get 22% more interaction than standard video posts. 
  • Nano accounts are most compatible with reel posting – garnering a 3.95% engagement rate. 
  • Mid accounts get the fewest reels, with a 1.4% weekly engagement rate for 20 reels.

Daily Instagram Post Overview

There are 95 million Instagram posts daily. This includes photo uploads, stories, and reels shared on the platform. 

Take a closer look at the breakdown of statistics on Instagram stories, photos, and video postings.

Instagram Photo Upload Statistics

An analysis of about 22 million posts made in 2022 found that the number of photo uploads varies according to the user’s number of followers. Large accounts post up to 5 times a week, while smaller accounts only post three times a week.


However, Instagram is more complex. There are factors surrounding the success of photo uploads on the platform. One is the average Instagram engagement rate, showing how well the user’s content interacts with their audience or community. 

Learn more about the frequency of photo uploads on Instagram, how they affect engagement rates, and their significance according to a user’s account size.

1. 71.9% of Instagram content is photos.

(Social Pilot)

On a wider scale, statistics found that about 71.9% of all Instagram posts are photo uploads. This data includes regular photo posts and carousel posts containing multiple photos. 

Out of all photo uploads, data shows that posts containing faces, like selfies, portraits, and group photos, outperform photo posts without faces by about 40%. 

2. One photo upload weekly is ideal for nano accounts – garnering a 3.36% engagement rate. 


Data shows that small or nano accounts with 0 to 10,000 followers get good engagement by posting one photo carousel weekly.


By following this data, nano accounts can get up to 3.36% engagement from their followers. However, increasing the number of photo carousel posts could lower overall engagement for nano accounts over time.

3. Micro accounts get a 0.9% engagement rate with 1 to 5 photo uploads weekly. 


For an Instagram profile to be considered a micro account, it must have 10,000 to 100,000 followers. Micro accounts get good engagement when posting 1 to 5 photo carousels weekly.

However, the 0.9% engagement rate could decrease as more photo carousels are posted weekly. 

✅ Pro Tip:

Based on this data, limited use of photo posts is recommended for micro accounts on Instagram to maintain a higher engagement rate.

4. Photo uploads are least ideal for mid-accounts looking to get a good engagement rate (0.4%)


Instagram users with 100,000 to 500,000 followers are considered mid-accounts. They get the least engagement of photo posts. Data found that mid-accounts only get 0.4% engagement when posting 1 photo post or carousel weekly.

Data shows that the identified engagement rate will decrease as more mid-accounts post photos. However, mixing reels into their posts might increase their engagement rate to 0.74%. 

Instagram Stories Posting Statistics

There’s an average increase from 100 to 400 million Instagram story posts in 2018. Based on this, Instagram has seen a 400% increase in Instagram story users over the last 8 years.

Instagram stories allow users to post photos and videos with a 24-hour limit. Once that’s up, content shared is removed from the feed but kept for personal archiving – making it a total hit with Instagram users.

Look at these statistics on Instagram stories to see how well it’s doing since its launch in 2016.

5. 86% of Instagram users post stories, while 70% watch stories daily.

(Earth Web, Social Pilot, and Blog Hootsuite)

Recent data shows a strong audience and creator scene for Instagram stories. About 86% of the platform’s user base share content through Instagram stories, making it one of the most popular Instagram features.

Instagram stories are made to capture and share the moment briefly. For example, active users will take a picture of their lunch, the most promising time to post on Instagram, and upload it to their story.

Then, about 70% of users consume the content they share through Instagram stories and watch them daily.

6. The top 25% of business brands on Instagram post an average of 7 stories a week. 


It’s no secret that Instagram Business is one of the best platforms to promote brands. For this reason, extensive studies have been conducted to find the best way to use the platform and grow a business.

Statistics recently found that brands post an average of 4 to 5 Instagram stories weekly. However, the top 25% of brands on the platform post an average of 7 stories a week or once a day.

That indicates that a higher number of posts can lead to better results for the brand. This is also a helpful tip for anyone looking to reach an audience on Instagram.

✅ Pro Tip:

Over 30% of the most-viewed Instagram stories are from business accounts. If you are a business owner, take advantage of the chance to grow your enterprise through a solid Instagram presence.

7. Brands with Instagram stories have an 87.2% completion rate – higher than other social media platforms. 


Statistics show that Instagram users are likelier to finish watching brand-related content on Instagram stories than in any other Instagram post feature.


The completion rate of Instagram Stories is considered high compared to completion rates on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, which average 40% to 50%.

8. 58% of users are more interested in brands found through Instagram stories. 


Instagram stories are good for brands promoting using the platform. Data shows that 58% of users develop an interest in brands they find through Instagram stories rather than those found in other Instagram post features.


This data shows Instagram Story is the most recommended post feature for brands.

Instagram Reel Posting Statistics

Since their introduction in 2020, Instagram reels have allowed users to share quick and multi-clip videos in their feeds. The maximum length of reels used to be 15 seconds only, but users can now upload up to 90-second clips, allowing more content to be shared. 

As more people favor reels, statistics also continue to grow. Here are some updated statistics about the posting of Instagram reels in 2023. 

9. Reels get 22% more interaction than standard video posts.

(Social Pilot)

The different types of content shared on Instagram are:

  • Reels
  • Stories
  • Video posts
  • Photo carousels
  • Regular photo posts

Regular video posts get good traction, with 21.2% more interaction than photo posts. However, Instagram reels top it off with 22% more interaction than video posts.

That puts Instagram reels as the most recommended posting feature for users who want to interact with their audience.

10. Instagram reels’ overall engagement rate decreased from 2.41% to 1.95%. 

(Social Insider)

After starting strong during its release in 2020, recent statistics show that the overall engagement rate for Instagram reels decreased from 2.41% to 1.95%. However, the number of followers an account has is just one of many variables that affect Instagram reel success.

In general, Instagram reels remain a successful form of short-form video-sharing feature. It directly competes with the 1 billion TikTok videos viewed daily.

11. Nano accounts are most compatible with reel posting – garnering a 3.95% engagement rate. 


A recent analysis found that nano or small accounts with about 0 to 10,000 followers gain the highest levels of engagement across Instagram reel users. With a 3.95% per reel rating, this feature is most recommended for small accounts.

🎉 Fun Fact:

Data shows that the more reels small accounts post, the higher their engagement rises. For example, posting 14 reels a week can get nano accounts up to 4.73% of engagement.

12. 2.99% engagement rate for micro accounts with 20 weekly Instagram reels. 


The same data found that micro accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 followers also get good engagement by posting Instagram reels. Putting out about 20 reels weekly could result in a 2.99% engagement rate.


13. Mid accounts get the least out of reels with a 1.4% weekly engagement rate for 20 reels. 


In contrast, mid or larger accounts with 100,000 to 500,000 followers get lower engagement rates when posting Instagram reels. On average, posting about 20 Instagram reels a week can get mid-accounts a 1.4% engagement rate.

However, data shows that increased posting of Instagram reels for larger accounts like this could still garner a larger engagement rate. After all, short-form videos are 2.5 times more engaging than long videos because they are easily digestible. 

Wrap Up

With billions of people using social media in 2023, Instagram remains a lucrative field of interest. As one of the leading social media platforms, Instagram will continue to transform the game by releasing groundbreaking updates and features. It did so in 2020 using Instagram Reels, which is a feature that lets users share short-form competes with TikTok.

The platform offers free use of several options, like posts, reels, and stories. Whether users plan to share personal or professional content, Instagram is the place to be and will keep providing that space soon.


How many posts are posted on Instagram?

A total of 40 billion posts, including photos and videos, have been shared through Instagram since it was founded in 2010.

How many Instagram posts per hour?

Data shows that almost 4 million posts are made through Instagram per hour. Specifically, that consists of 64,440 posts per minute, or over 1,074 posts per second. 

How many posts and reels per day are on Instagram?

The daily count for Instagram posts is 95 million, with about 4.2 billion likes across the platform.

What is the daily limit on Instagram?

Instagram’s guidelines do not have a per-day limit for posting. However, releasing too many posts consecutively can seem spammy and could have the account blocked temporarily. Having 2 to 3 public posts a week and about 2 Instagram stories is recommended. 


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