How many videos are uploaded on YouTube every day?

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YouTube stands as the top video-sharing platform due to its large user base and the impressive 3.7 million videos uploaded daily.

The platform boasts 15 million content creators who continuously generate engaging videos for their subscribers. Considering that 122 million people watch 1 billion hours of content each day, an increase in daily uploads is expected in the near future.

In short, YouTube's future looks promising thanks to its engaged creators and active viewers. For a deeper understanding of the daily volume of YouTube videos, continue reading this article. 

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  • Content creators upload about 3.7 million videos every day
  • Every minute, approximately 2500 new videos are uploaded to Youtube.
  • 500 hours of video content are uploaded every minute
  • Since its release, 25 million YouTube Shorts have been uploaded, or 34,000 shorts uploaded every day
  • Users stream about 694,000 hours of video content per minute
  • 5 billion videos are streaming on YouTube per day
  • The most popular type of video on YouTube is video tutorials
  • 500 hours worth of video are uploaded on YouTube per minute

Daily YouTube Upload Statistics

Youtube statistics reveal there are about 2.5 billion users worldwide

This number is set to grow! How is YouTube such a huge hit?  

One reason is the ever-growing abundance of content. The numbers below will give you an insight into the recent estimation of videos uploaded on the site:

1. The estimated number of new video uploads reaches 2,500 every minute.


According to WyzOwl, YouTube's content surge is relentless, with an astonishing 2,500 new videos uploaded every minute. Each of these videos, on average, spans a duration of approximately 4.4 minutes, further emphasizing the volume and diversity of content on this platform.

2. YouTube Shorts gets 30 billion daily views.


YouTube Shorts is the site's in-app feature rivaling TikTok and Instagram Reels. The shorts' length is 60 seconds long, maximum. The 2022 survey by Statista showed that Shorts get about 30 billion views worldwide.

Not only are YouTube shorts entertaining, but 85% of marketers also agree that short-form videos are effective advertisements.

In an article by Forbes Magazine entitled “In The Age Of TikTok, YouTube Shorts Is A Platform In Limbo,” data revealed that YouTube is slowly losing viewership to TikTok.

It’s a high-stakes battle for YouTube, which could be in danger of losing its crown as the world’s largest video site someday. Kids and teens are now spending more time watching videos on TikTok than on YouTube, according to data from the tech company Qustodio, which used its parental monitoring software to analyze usage from 400,000 families. Last year, young people globally spent 56 minutes a day on YouTube, versus 91 minutes on TikTok.

3. YouTube users stream about 694,000 hours of video content per minute.


From 122 million daily users, there is an estimated 694,000 hours of Youtube streaming every minute. Because of this, a viral video can quickly rack up millions of views in no time.

Users are not just after viral videos and entertainment. YouTube is also a great search engine, and 66% of people admit YouTube is their primary source of information.

YouTube has also slowly become an educational platform for kids. The most-watched YouTube video is the “Baby Shark Dance.” Meanwhile, the majority of popular YouTube videos are animated for children. 

4. There are 500 hours of video uploaded every minute.


There are 500 hours of video uploaded every minute

There was a 40% increase in the upload between 2014 and 2020. In 2015, the estimate by Tubefilter was at 400 hours of video upload per minute. 

(Pew Research Center)

56% of popular YouTube channels uploaded at least one video at the first week of 2019. Among these popular channels, only 33% of them uploaded a video in English. That means non-English content dominates the channel, proving the worldwide grip of YouTube.

YouTube channels uploads6. 5 billion videos are streamed on YouTube daily


Imagining what it's like for people worldwide to watch 5 billion videos is a lot, but an average user spends 40 minutes on the site daily. This massive consumption is the reason people make money from being YouTubers.

According to further data, the average YouTuber makes $0.18 per view. That’s $18 per 1,000 views. The primary way YouTube creators make money is through advertisements. 

That is a win-win situation for the creator and the product advertised. For the latter, numerous surveys prove people remember video content better than simple text and photos.

Helpful Article: Learn how the video platform revolutionized video marketing by reading about the numbers YouTube delivered.

Daily Youtube Upload Statistics By Country

There are 100 countries with a localized version of YouTube. That means the site has also adapted to cater to different cultures with different languages. 

This strategy greatly influenced YouTube's reach, especially since, according to Pew Research Center, about 67% of popular content is in non-English languages. 

7. T-series upload 5 to 7 videos daily.

(Global Media Insight)

T-series upload 5 to 7 videos daily

India has the most YouTube users, with over 467 million users. This number is significant to T-series, an Indian movie and record company, being the most subscribed channel with 245 million users. 

8. Daily Upload Limit is limited to 12 hours or 256 GB.

(YouTube Help)

Daily uploads are limited to 256 GB or 12 hours in length. However, some restrictions could change this depending on channel history, country, or region. 

YouTube’s Help page recommends users try uploading again after 24 hours should there be an error message regarding the upload limit.

Wrap-Up: Leveraging YouTube Daily Uploads 

YouTube's popularity among different nations and demographics made it today's social media giant. The daily uploads reaching over 500 hours of video per minute indicate that the site will continue to be in demand for global internet users. 

This steadfast growth of the site is due to the diverse range of content provided by various creators. Although gaming, music, and entertainment content are the most popular, there is much appreciation for education and informational content. 

Moreover, YouTube's influence in the global market is striking. With its amount of reach, it impacts product and service marketing through ads seen by users who watch videos daily.  Thus, opening opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to get public recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the most common length of a Youtube video?

Videos with an average of 11.7 minutes are the most common.

Who is the richest YouTuber?

Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a MrBeast, had the highest earnings in 2021. The estimate is $54 million.

How many active YouTube users?

There are roughly 2.67 billion users that are active on YouTube.


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