How to Find Someone on Reddit Without a Username?


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Reddit is a popular social media platform concentrated on user-generated content and specialized niches. 

The platform is designed for 18+ users to discuss anything while maintaining user anonymity. Users are encouraged to share stories but are discouraged from sharing personal information or using their real names to stay anonymous online.

Communities or “subreddit” on Reddit are full of people and internet bots with varying interests and knowledge. This can make finding real and particular Redditors difficult.

Especially when their posts are downvoted or kicked out of the timeline.

If this is your case, this article might help you find that Redditor. Explore today the various ways to find someone on Reddit without a username.

Ways to Find People on Reddit

Redditors might be anonymous, but its users on the platform can freely search for other people’s profiles. 

Users can filter through Posts, Comments, Communities, and People or find new topics to join and discuss on the Discover tab.

Suppose you know a certain Redditor from a Community you follow or from a topic you’re interested in. 

In that case, you can easily view their username beside the post they made, making it easier to remember.

If you want to find them again on Reddit, here are two ways to do so:

You can find the Reddit search bar at the top of the page or app’s screen. It’s either a magnifying glass icon or a horizontal bar with the word “Search.”

Here’s how to access the Reddit search bar.

Step 1: Go to or open the Reddit app on your phone.

open the Reddit app on your phone

open the Reddit app on your phone

Step 2: On the Home tab, tap or click on the search bar or search icon.

On the Home tab, tap or click on the search bar or search icon

On the Home tab, tap or click on the search bar or search icon

On the Home tab, tap or click on the search bar or search icon

Step 3: Type in u/ (this stands for username) and their username (sample: u/username123) and tap search for.

Type in u/ and their username

Type in u/ and their username

Step 4: Click on the People tab to sort through profiles.

Click on the People tab to sort through profiles

Click on the People tab to sort through profiles

Click on the People tab to sort through profiles

Click on the People tab to sort through profiles

Step 5: When you find their name, click or tap it. You will be redirected to their profile.

Profile URL

A Redditor’s username can be added to Reddit’s URL to find their profiles. Knowing their username, you can encode it on your web browser’s field address. Here’s how to do this:

Step 1: Open a web browser and type or paste into the address field.

Open a web browserStep 2: Add the words “user/” and their username after the Reddit URL. (For example,

Add the words “user/” and their username after the Reddit URLStep 3: Click enter to load their Reddit profile onto the screen.

Click enter to load their Reddit profile onto the screen

These two options will only work if you know their Reddit usernames. 

However, if you want to find someone on Reddit without their usernames, you will need the help of third-party search sites to find them.

Ways to Find a Reddit Account Without the Username

Third-party platforms such as background checks, people search, or investigative search sites can help find a person’s online information. 

It can sift through aggregate data, social media profiles, and other digital footprints users leave online.

To do this, you must at least know some details about the person you are looking for, such as name, email,  number, or location. In this way, your search can be more manageable.

For your case, we highly recommend the following people search sites to find someone’s Reddit username:

  • BeenVerified
  • TruthFinder
  • PeopleLooker

Each website offers specific and comprehensive search tools to aid anyone in finding lost usernames.

1. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a people search site commonly used for background checks. It’s available on all web browsers and Android and iOS devices.

The app is a competent and efficient search tool that can access data from all social media platforms, including Reddit.

You can utilize BeenVerified to find someone’s Reddit username using specific or detailed personal information - such as email addresses, name, age, and location. They can also do reverse searches on phone numbers and email addresses.

You can subscribe through their 1-month ($26.89), or 3-month ($52.44) membership plans to use all their features and view results.

Been Verified also has other features: 

  • Vehicle lookup
  • Sex offender and court records
  • Find existing assets and accounts
  • Search for legal names

While BeenVerified is one of the best we’ve encountered, there are also other background search sites that you can use.

2. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is another background check and people search site boasting incredible features such as reverse search of phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. 

It's available on popular web browsers on PCs or mobile phones. TruthFinder provides an easy-to-use platform with detailed reports and precise information. 

Their regular people search is also free to use. You can also opt to use premium features such as assets and criminal records that require a monthly payment of only $4.99.

If you are living in the State of California, you might not be able to access this website. Users are also allowed to delete their details on the website. 

Due to this, Truthfinder has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau due to its transparency, customer resolution, and legal compliance.

Other notable features of TruthFinder are:

  • Substantial content reports
  • Family tree builder
  • Dark web scan and monitoring
  • Identity verification

TruthFinder can be a helpful tool if used correctly. Learn more about this website in our separate review for TruthFinder

3. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is another background check site that allows users to verify people’s information and have the option to manage details about themselves. 

In other words, PeopleLooker enables users to manage information about themselves.

Users of PeopleLooker can search for people's online information, social media usernames, including Reddit, and other information off or online. 

This website browses data from public records and additional sources of information.

The website offers a trial period for only $1, but their pricing plans are also affordable. Their 1-month subscription is only $22.86, and their 3-month subscription is only $18.28/per month. 

Through these, users can access unlimited search and other app features.

PeopleLooker also offers unique features:

  • Property check
  • Professional background searches
  • Notify search updates regularly
  • It is transparent and provides SSL certificates.

Potential Reddit users on PeopleLooker might choose to delete their usernames using the app. However, trying to search doesn’t hurt, as some might overlook this detail in their profiles.

Learn more about PeopleLooker through our comprehensive review here.

If you can’t still find them despite all odds, they might have gotten on to you first and decided to delete themselves from the internet - including their Reddit posts. They might have personal reasons or just decided to protect themselves by practicing safe online privacy methods.


Reddit is a purely anonymous - sometimes untraceable - social media platform. It’s not focused on its users but on topics and general content. 

Some Redditors on the forum are bots, or multiple accounts users make to continue their anonymity.

Despite this, tracking someone on Reddit is not a hopeless cause. You can find their username if you have the correct details, such as what post they did, some letters of their username, from what subreddit they joined, and other personal information, such as email addresses.

The best way to find Redditors without usernames is, of course, through third-party sites. These sites can give the best search possible without the hassle and save you time finding the correct username.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I find someone’s username on Reddit?

Reddit usernames are beside the “r/” or community name with “posted by u/.” Alternatively, Reddit usernames have a “u/” at the beginning.

I.e., the username is username123; on Reddit, it will be u/username123.

Are all Reddit users anonymous?

Yes. Anonymity is highly encouraged on the platform to avoid biases and judgment.

Can I change my Reddit username?

Unfortunately, no. Reddit doesn’t allow users to change their usernames once they choose them.

Does Reddit Karma affect post visibility?

A Redditor’s Karma doesn’t increase the visibility of their profile. Upvoting aims to move up a post on the feed or front page. The more upvotes a person has, the more Karma they have on their profile.




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