How to Unblock Spotify Anywhere in the World: 3 Easy Methods Explained

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More than 456 million individuals use Spotify monthly, of which 200 million do so for a fee. Despite being widely used, some nations have banned Spotify. Some workplaces, enterprises, or other similar settings also prohibit this music streaming platform.

This is frustrating when you want to listen to music while studying or performing chores and need access to Spotify.

Worry less, as this article will give you ways to access Spotify.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

  • Users are sometimes unable to access Spotify due to the following factors: Job or school limits, location, restrictions, and user adversity. 
  • Countries like China, Russia, and Pakistan have geographical censorship for certain apps, including Spotify. 
  • There are three simple methods that even beginners can use to gain access to Spotify.
  • VPN, the easiest and safest option, changes your IP address to let you use Spotify.
  • There are lots of free VPNs you can use. Try ExpressVPN or Perfect Privacy VPN, which have high-quality protection. 

3 Methods To Unblock Spotify

Imagine you want to listen to music to set the mood for your vacation trip, but Spotify is inaccessible where you are. It's a common roadblock for music lovers and Spotify users.

👍 Helpful Article:

Regular users of Spotify, those who don’t have a paid premium account, have ads intervening in the user playlist in between songs. The good thing is there are free ways to remove annoying ads on Spotify

The following are the most common restrictions on using Spotify:

Geographical Restrictions

Some countries like China, Russia, and Pakistan have geographical censorship. These countries block certain apps and platforms, including Spotify. Your IP address can stop you from accessing the app based on where you are. 

Here are the common reasons these countries ban Spotify:

  • Licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Concerns over censorship
  • Economic protectionism for domestic music industries
  • Data privacy and security considerations
  • Geo-political tensions and technical limitations

Workplace or School Restrictions

Institutions frequently restrict Spotify and other programs from accessing their networks to preserve a positive learning atmosphere. Workplace and school administrators believe the app could distract kids or employees.

Moreover, the use of streaming platforms like Spotify can cause traffic issues. In places where many people share the same network, this is a severe problem.

Government-imposed Censorship and Bans

Some countries, especially conservative ones, ban Spotify and other apps for political reasons. Sometimes, terrorists use internet videos, podcasts, and posts to spread their ideas and eventually recruit civilians.

Payment and Account Issues

Spotify may deactivate your account when it detects potentially fraudulent activity, such as hacking, phishing, fake (cracked) accounts, and account reselling. It could also be because Spotify notices repeated missed payments on your renewal dates.

No matter the reason, you want to get your Spotify up and running as soon as possible. Here are effective methods to unblock Spotify wherever you are.

Method 1: Gain Access to Spotify using a Proxy 

To unblock Spotify, you can use a proxy server that connects you to a different server with a new IP address

A proxy server is a mediator for your internet connection, allowing you to access Spotify even if it's blocked in your area. Your device sends a request to the proxy server. The proxy server will then find that music and send that data (the Spotify app) back to your device.

Here’s how to use a proxy to unblock Spotify:

  1. Choose a reliable private proxy. Note down its IP, port, username, and password. A little reminder for this: IP and port are different things.
  2. Open Chrome's Settings by clicking the three dots on the taskbar, then choose Settings.
  3. In the Open your computer's proxy settings menu, enter proxy to access manual proxy settings.

    Edit Proxy Server Settings on Windows
  4. Input your proxy details in the Manual proxy setup section.
  5. Open Spotify in a new tab, then sign in. If it's successful, you can enjoy listening and creating playlists without issues.

👍 Helpful Article:

Need more help in using proxy servers? Read our in-depth guide on setting up a proxy server on your Google Chrome.

Method 2: Use DNS (Domain Name System) Spoofing to Unblock Spotify

⚠️Security Warning:

It is not recommended DNS spoofing, especially among beginners. This commonly used method for malicious activity can be dangerous to your security.

DNS spoofing is a process that tricks the internet's address system to allow unauthorized access or bypass restrictions. It makes the internet think a website's location is elsewhere. 

Here’s a guide on DNS spoofing:

Basic Steps:

  1. Access Ettercap ( on your computer. This is a man-in-the-middle attack (or hacking tool), which is not advisable for beginners.

    Ettercap Download Bundled Libraries
  2. Access the terminal and input the command "nano etter.dns." This file stores DNS address entries utilized by Ettercap to convert domain names to IP addresses.
  3. Use another website's link to spoof it on Spotify. To do this, you need to know Spotify's IP. You can use IP Info for this.
  4. Save and exit by using the ctrl + x shortcut.
  5. Follow the ARP poisoning tutorial (
  6. Activate the DNS spoof by pressing Enter.

⚠️Security Warning:

When misused, ARP poisoning is a method that cyber attackers use to trick users into sending their data to the wrong destination. It can also result in legal penalties and imprisonment.

DNS Spoofing is a standard method countries use to ban apps like Spotify. This is not guaranteed to work, as they employ more robust security.

If you want a safer choice, check out the last method.

👍Helpful Article:

To learn more about DNS, look at the four methods of changing DNS servers on Windows 11. You can also learn more about preventing DNS leaks so you do not expose your online activities to governments and companies.

Method 3: Unlock Spotify with VPNs

VPN works its magic by giving you a new IP address. When you connect to a VPN server, your IP address gets swapped with the server's address. It lets users choose a server from a different location so that Spotify will think you are in an area where Spotify is available.

If you need help deciding what platform to use, NordVPN is a top choice for many VPN users, whether newbies or pros. Check out this step-by-step guide on using it.

Basic Steps:

  1. To begin, choose the best VPN service of your choice.
  2. Install it on the device where you will use Spotify, then sign up.
  3. Depending on your chosen platform, you may need to pay or not.
  4. Navigation differs in each software, but they're all about choosing a country. Be sure to select the one where Spotify is not restricted.
  5. Turn on or enable the VPN app.
  6. Test by accessing websites that are not allowed in your area.

If you want to change servers or disconnect from VPN, go back to the app and click the Disconnect button. To change servers, select a new one from the list or map.

When you're not using the VPN, log out of your account within the app and close the application.

NordVPN has an extensive network and stable connection, which is hard to find in other VPNs. It also has robust security features and military-grade encryption. 

However, these promising features are mostly not for free. You may need to check out other VPN services!

👍Helpful Article:

Learn more about the importance of having a VPN in our separate article. While at it, debunk some popular but false claims about VPNs.

Top VPN Services for Unblocking Spotify

Choosing the right VPN for Spotify matters. It keeps your music streaming smooth and free from interruptions no matter where you are. 

You can use affordable VPNs for tasks as simple as unblocking Spotify. Below are some of the best options for you:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a service that helps you create a private network for personal use. It works with many devices and uses strong 256-bit encryption for security.

It offers three payment plans:

  • $8.32/month for 12 months
  • $9.99/month for six months
  • $12.95/month for a one-month plan
2. Perfect Privacy VPN

Perfect Privacy gives you special VPN features of high quality. It helps guard against Internet risks like malicious software, surveillance, data corruption, and advertising.

This platform's payment plans include the following:

  • $12.99 per month
  • $119.99 per year
  • $214.95 per two years
3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is an extensive server network offering user-friendly apps with specialized streaming and torrenting services. It mainly focuses on privacy, ensuring that your browsing remains anonymous.

The pricing includes three plans:

  • $12.99 per month
  • $41.94 for six months
  • $2.19 for 2 years + additional 2 months


Why doesn't Spotify work on school WiFi?

Your Spotify may not work at your school or work because of network restrictions. Some schools and companies block platforms like Spotify to help in productivity and avoid unnecessary network traffic.

Why can I only use Spotify abroad for 14 days?

The 14-day rule for using Spotify abroad could be because they want to check if Premium users still have a valid subscription for offline listening. This helps ensure people are using the feature correctly when traveling.

How long can you use Spotify abroad?

You can use Spotify in a different country or region for 14 days. If you plan to use it longer, you can change your account settings by logging in and then going to your account page.

Why is my Spotify address not valid?

Suppose the address you input on Spotify differs from what's on your GPS (e.g., Google Maps). In that case, Spotify will indicate that your address is invalid. Refrain from using hyphens in your street number when providing your address to avoid this.

Does Spotify ban IP addresses?

In general, Spotify rarely blocks an IP address. But when it does, it's probably because of where you are. Due to geographical limitations, Spotify isn't accessible in all countries.


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