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Looking to locate long-lost friends or relatives? Or perhaps it’s time to confront that nuisance caller? We might have something for you. In this Nuwber review, you’ll learn all about the popular online background check service.

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Best for: Preliminary person searches

Strengths Some good free information
Strengths Multiple search methods
Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Aggregates multiple public records
Weaknesses Long Process
Weaknesses Clickbait tactics
Weaknesses Relies on partner services

So, what is Nuwber? It’s one of a growing number of background check companies that use public and commercial records to compile background information on US citizens. The site only needs a name or phone number to begin the investigation.

After that, it returns potential matches, linking this info with other data. In theory, you can find everything public about a person, though results aren’t guaranteed. 

Nuwber, Inc. operates the Nuwber site and is a registered company in Alexandria, Virginia, United States. Nuwber reviews are a mixed bag, while the Nuwber BBB page barely makes it past one-star. As with lots of people search sites, dozens of people have complained about their data appearing in results and their struggle to opt out.


That doesn’t mean it’s all bad. Like most people search sites, it’s a good starting point if you’re genuinely searching for someone. You never know what you might find to help put the puzzle together.

Legal Disclaimer – Nuwber isn’t a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The site can’t be used for employment, credit, tenant screening, or related purposes.



The Nuwber search engine is displayed on the front page. It’s a refreshingly simple and clean layout as far as reverse lookup sites are concerned. Plus, it’s Norton digicert certified for security. To clarify, it uses encryption and makes its full business information public. 

Let’s put on our investigator’s hat and take a closer look at the search methods and other features.  

Nuwber search begins with a person search query. This requires your subject’s first and last names, as well as the city and/or state you think they reside. This isn’t just a blind entry, you’ll get prompts when it recognizes the city you’re typing, which is reassuring.

Surprisingly, initial results are instant. However, the deeper results require some time. 

This initial page displays a list of names and variations of similar names, ages, their current location, and previous ones. No full addresses, though. You also get to see potential relatives. If you know for a fact your subject is related to someone, i.e., their spouse, this can quickly narrow down your results.

The second option is to do a reverse address lookup. In other words, if you know the address of someone you want to find. Or if you want to discover more about a property and neighborhood you’re considering moving to.

Initial results return a map feature, then below you get a list of possible current and former residents. Each might include age and DOB, phone number, gender, education level, and marital status. Moreover, it displays the length of residence and a few other titbits, if known.

It labels another section ‘Background reports’ which include details on previous residents, all their known locations, and a list of relatives.

Searching Nuwber by address further reveals property and neighborhood information. This would be useful, but in my test search it was inaccurate. Household net worth was listed as just $1, despite the test subjects being a wealthy professional family. 

On the other hand, the breakdown of the neighborhood was insightful. It lists everything from the number of households and oldest buildings to the average home price and age of residents. There is also a wealth of information about nearby amenities, some of which were easily verifiable on Google and might even be drawn from there. I cannot vouch for the entire accuracy of this section, though.

Nobody wants a predator living nearby, so the area sex offender list is also a good addition. Results let you know an offender exists and you can access the information with a premium plan. 

Next is Nuwber lookup by phone. If you’ve got an old friend’s landline but they aren’t picking up or have moved on, this may hint at where they are. Similarly, perhaps cold callers or unscrupulous types keep harassing you and you want to discover their identity? Whatever your aim, a reverse phone number search can turn up a trove of info.

Simply click the phone tab above the homepage search bar and enter a valid US landline number. In seconds you get the carrier, i.e., Verizon, and the current name associated with it. A map also displays their general locale but not the full address.

At times, phone numbers can change hands or owners move on from the property the line is registered. It lists previous owners and their current location under ‘phone number history’. 

At the bottom of the page is the option to report a phone number. Options include a list of different scams, as well as surveys, telemarketers, and debt collectors. It’s worth noting, this isn’t to report the number to any official body. Nuwber simply uses this info internally when displaying its results.

In the same vein as other results, clicking the profile of anyone associated with the number lets you find out more info about them. Moreover, you can go through the premium process to access their full report

Browse by State or Area Code

If you want to take more of a fish-in-a-barrel approach and don’t really know what you’re looking for, you can always browse records by state or phone code. It boasts over 106 million entries.

Simply look below the search bar where you’d do a Nuwber lookup to see a list of states and phone area codes. For example, clicking on Idaho state reveals a list of cities and an A-Z address directory. Either click one of the more populous cities or take an extra step to find a town and street in the alphabetical directory.

Whatever the route, clicking through will eventually reveal individual addresses and known occupants. 

It’s a similar process for the phone directory. Click an area code to reveal a list of landline prefixes, the county, city, and phone carrier. You’ll find full phone numbers on the next level, along with the names and ages of people linked to the number.

In addition, each name will reveal a summary of all the potential information held about the person. Most importantly, the full address is often visible, which is all you might need to locate someone.  

After that, proceeding to a full report can take several more steps and a premium subscription. 

Detailed Nuwber Background Check 

Nuwber offers a complete background check that goes far beyond what you get for free. It teases this whenever you carry out a search and click through to get a ‘full report’ of background information.  Exactly what’s available is a bit confusing because it hints at different things on different pages. 

Similarly, the difference between what might be available and is actually available varies based on each person’s profile.

In short, here’s the type of info the very best reports could include:

  • Name, address, and telephone number
  • Maps
  • Age and DOB
  • Occupation and business records
  • Spouses and relatives
  • Marriages and divorces
  • Credit rating and net worth
  • Property value and purchase price
  • Past properties and addresses
  • Criminal record
  • Liens, bankruptcies, and judgements
  • Eviction records
  • Professional licenses
  • Social media accounts

Dark web monitoring is not available, though some similar sites do offer this. It’s usually used as a way to check if your own information has been exposed in a data breach and leaked on the dark web.

Nuwber Information Removal

As helpful as Nuwber is, most of us don’t like the idea of our own information being so publicly accessible to strangers. That’s why the company has a process for removing your personal details if you find them.

First, go to the opt out page, which you might miss as it’s located at the bottom of the site. Then you must follow a three-step process to remove your information.

After going through the process, you must also supply your email address to confirm the removal. There’s no sign of any spam related to data removal and sharing your email, but it would be wise to use a throwaway account in case. 

Nuwber also leaves room for improvement when it comes to removing your information after you opt out. It ‘may take up to 48 hours’ but if it doesn’t you should ‘revisit in a couple of days’ and potentially send an email to hurry along the process.

Less encouraging is Nuwber’s update policy that could just republish your details all over again if they’re still in public records. Still, this applies to most people search sites.

Coronavirus Statistics

Covid-19 data is the latest addition to the Nuwber site. While this obviously won’t help you find someone, it’s an interesting feature to spend a few minutes perusing. It shows the total number of cases, recoveries, and deaths, with data updated daily from Johns Hopkins University. It also breaks data down by state, with tested cases, confirmed cases, and deaths.

That’s about all there is to it. 

How Does Nuwber Work?

If you’re wondering, how does Nuwber get information? There isn’t a crack team of private investigators spying on everyone. The site works only with public records that are legal to obtain. 

Most of this is already available to those that know where to look. This includes online sources, public archives, government databases etc. Everything from someone’s public arrest records to their business info is out there, Nuwber just pools it all together for easier access. 

It can’t guarantee accuracy because it automates the system. I.e., Nuwber is outdated if its underlying data source is outdated. It’s a small company and it doesn’t appear like much manual curation takes place.

Ease of Use

I fully explored the website and all its features to answer the question: Is Nuwber reliable and easy to use?

Firstly, search results appear immediately and can easily be filtered. For example, you can filter people search with an age slider or by selecting a city. You can also filter by state if you didn’t enter this into the search bar. 

You won’t struggle to carry out basic searches. The homepage and results are clean and functional. The full process takes some time though. 

It starts with checking an agreement about not using the info for employment, credit, tenant screening etc. 

Fair enough.

Next, come endless loading animations, questions, and pointless disclaimers. It prompts you with things like ‘Do you know if X has a criminal record?’ 

After doing this several times, clicking yes or no doesn’t have any impact on the results!

Next are the teasers about ‘graphic content’, or that X ‘might be on a government watchlist’. 

You’re also warned that the information held is of a sensitive nature, then encouraged to accept web push notifications. With some avoidance clicking, you should be able to escape this step.

There is a lot of hoop-jumping when carrying out a Nuwber search. It gives the impression that some kind of complex computation is being carried out behind the scenes, but every search produces the same loading bars and messages. 

At this stage, you’ll notice your search is powered by or affiliated with another service called TruthFinder, which many background check sites are associated with. 

Finally, after countless loading screens, you must confirm your name, age, and email address. Then it gives you a final teaser about the info held and the opportunity to pay for a premium plan.

Ultimately, the site is very easy to use, but it takes a while to get to the final step.


Paid subscribers can contact the support team for billing or other queries by email or phone. The support line, +1 (844) 912-1292, is available between 9and and 9pm EST. A 24/7 web chat would be a useful addition. 

Users have complained in numerous Nuwber reviews about cancellation problems in the past. But now you can easily cancel a subscription from within your account page.  

Nuwber Pricing

The monthly Nuwber cost depends on how long you commit upfront. For example, a rolling monthly plan is comparatively more expensive than paying for a year in one go. All come with unlimited reports.

Your options are:

  • Three Days – $1 for full 3-day trial
  • One Month – $27.99
  • Three Month – $53.97
  • One Year – $169.99

Nuwber doesn’t offer a free trial, but if you linger on the pricing page for a few minutes a $1 trial popup will appear. You test the service for three days, then it bills you for a month. Remember to cancel before billing.

The pricing page also promotes a money-back guarantee, but it doesn’t give a number of days. Its terms state: “We address each refund request on a case-by-case basis and may grant a refund request partially or in full depending on your circumstances."  


In conclusion, Nuwber is a brilliant concept and does have some promising results in the beginning. You can find a lot of data just by using its free search queries. 

Unfortunately, the way the site is designed to hook you into a premium plan is off-putting if you’re not desperate for the information or using it out of curiosity. The faux loading screens will test your patience.

The saving grace is every plan comes with unlimited reports, so if the info exists you will find it. Furthermore, when compared to similar services, the cost of Nuwber is reasonable.


How do I get my information off Nuwber?

To find your information on Nuwber, firstly carry out one of the numerous search methods to see if it exists. Alternatively, browse to it via the phone or address directories. Secondly, if you want it removed, enter the profile link into the field on the opt out page.

You can also direct Nuwber complaints to the support email: [email protected], or phone line: +1 (844) 912-1292.

Is Nuwber a free service?

Does Nuwber cost money? Yes, to gain access to full detailed reports, you must choose between several premium plans. Yet you can find a wealth of information for free, as well. 

You access this via the search listings before clicking through to a profile. Depending on the search function, data available can include:

  • Name and age
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Potential relatives
  • Past locales

The free service also alludes to information that is available in the full report but won’t give the specifics. 

What is Nuwber used for?

You can use Nuwber reverse address, phone, and person search for many purposes. It can help you find old friends or relatives based on incomplete information. It can also keep you safe when you want to confirm someone is who they say they are. 

We’ve all had nuisance callers. If they’re carelessly using a standard phone number, you might be able to find their identity to report them.

Premium reports can also help with a criminal background check, business records, and much more. Check the full Nuwber review above for a full list of uses.

How do I contact Nuwber?

You can contact Nuwber by email or phone. The support email is [email protected], while the support phone number is +1 (844) 912-1292. There is also a general phone number for the company HQ: +1 855-933-3990.

You can send snail mail to, 901 N Pitt St Suite 170, Alexandria, VA 22314, United States

Is Nuwber safe?

Nuwber scam concerns aren’t new, but it is generally a safe site. A legitimate company operates Nuwber, regardless of its accuracy. SSL encryption secures the site. 

At times you must provide your email address and accept web push notification. You can avoid the latter by rejecting the request. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about spam emails, use a throwaway email address or block Nuwber if things get out of hand.

How did Nuwber get my information?

Nuwber uses perfectly legitimate methods for collecting your data. This comes from public records, including scraping information from the web. You can always opt out. 

Who owns Nuwber?

Nuwber is registered in Alexandria, Virginia, United States.  Records show Nuwber Inc., has upwards of 25 employees or staff, many of which have public profiles on LinkedIn and other sites. Check there for more info.


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